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Photo Challenge 20 Friends
Friendship can mean many different things, from life-long childhood friends to those with whom we form an instant bond, to inter-species friendships. What does friendship mean to you? Try to go beyond the ordinary and stretch your views. :-) We're going to continue our two-week format to allow people more time to develop their topics. The topics are all open to interpretation. When you post your photo if you want a constructive review please request it, otherwise we will assume you are sharing and do not want comments of that nature. At all times please be polite and bear in mind people’s feelings. At the end of the 52 weeks, we will schedule a 20/20 meetup to review your favourite work. If you're busy one week and cannot participate, you can skip it and join in when you can. The idea is to get people shooting and increase their skills. One further request. The photo should be taken in the period of the challenge.

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