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PHPAmersfoort June 2023

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Rick K.
PHPAmersfoort June 2023


With the beautiful summer sun in our faces, we gather again at the location of our good friends over at LEVIY. This time with a talk I am personally very interested in. Our regular Muhammed will share his knowledge on Rector. Must see!

Plenty of parking in front of the building.
If you need a pickup from the train station, drop it in the comments and someone might be available to pick you up.

18:00 - Pizza
19:30 - Reviving Legacy Code: Modernizing with Rector by Muhammad Jassem
20:30 - Social

Reviving Legacy Code: Modernizing with Rector
Imagine stepping into your dusty, old kitchen when hunger strikes. You can make yourself a good meal but would you feel comfortable to do it in that kitchen?
Time for some cleaning and upgrading! Would you do that yourself or hire a specialized kitchen installer to do it for you?
And that's how it goes with legacy code too ... where the ghosts of developers past haunt your present and scare your future!
That code needs some cleaning and upgrading as well!
Join us as we explore how Rector can be your kitchen renovation expert and let's bring your codebase back from the darkness.

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