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What we’re about

We Combine Pickleball with Everything Fun! Like to travel? Then how about a Pickleball Van tour through Baja - playing on the sea of Cortez, Drinking Margaritas and eating Fish Tacos!

Like to Mingle? How about fun singles events where everyone you meet loves Pickleball? Love Live Music? How about hanging out with fellow players at some of the coolest events in town? How about a Pickleball trivia drinking game? How about Yoga moves just for Pickleball? Pickleball lessons that are super fun!

This group is all about fun, connection, adventure, wellness, and of course Playing Pickleball! It is a welcoming, warm and friendly group to be part of.

Your organizer, Aloha Dave is a tour leader, yoga teacher, Pickleball Instructor, and life-coach. He has led adventure tours throughout Mexico, created and taught White Tiger Yoga on every major island in Hawaii, Created the Inner Game of Pickleball in California and Mexico, and Facilitated Personal Development workshops for the Esalen Institute in Big Sur and at Rancho La Puerta in Mexico. He also plays guitar, walks on fire, and trades stocks. In other words A Wild and Crazy Guy!