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What we’re about

Pikes Peak Atheists & Pikes Peak Atheist Families provides weekly opportunities for socializing, community building, education, discussion and community service for all nonbelievers in the Pikes Peak region. Activities for adults, families and kids are regularly available in our group.
As atheists, we understand how difficult it can be to either have to hide your unbelief, or to be harassed about it by family and friends, employers, classmates and coworkers. Our goal is to create a safe environment with a great group of peers who can come together to meet, talk freely, learn, laugh, and grow.

Some of the community building events we frequently offer include:
--Social Events: We provide the laid back environments and fun venues where you can relax and be the nonbeliever that you are. Some common social events are potlucks, game nights, happy hours, hikes and walks, cook-offs, camping trips, and cook-off competitions.

--Education and Discussion: We strive to create educational opportunities for all of our members. For adults we have regular Round Table Discussions with various topics. We also promote other local events such as Science on Tap, lectures, debates and relevant speakers.

--Community Service: We link ourselves with local charity work and community service projects, and we try to have at least one event per month on our calendar. 2014 was our first year of working on charity events, and in just 9 months we attained Beyond Belief Network’s top level Tier 3 status, and won their team of the month honor for January 2015, as well as honors as their Rookie Team of the Year for 2014. If helping others is in your heart but you don’t like the idea of going through a church to do so, we can help you with that.

-- Family Events: As atheist parents, we want a safe way for our kids to meet and talk freely. We want our young children to be able to get together to play and learn about science and nature. We want our school-aged kids to have a safe group to hang out with, minus the pressure that overly religious peers may place on them. For our pre-teens and teens, we want them to have a safe group of peers with whom they can share experiences.

We post events throughout Colorado, with most events occurring in the Colorado Springs area. Some events are just for adults, some are for families, and some are for everyone; we hope that you find plenty of opportunities to join us. We always welcome your suggestions for events or ways to improve the group overall. If there is something that you think will benefit our community, please let us know. We maintain a cooperative relationship with other local atheist/ humanist/ freethinker and secular groups in our community.

We tend to be a pretty relaxed group and welcome you to come to an event to learn more about us. We look forward to getting to know you soon!
Sincerely, your leadership team

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