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What we’re about

(japanese information to follow)

Running for more than 5 years, the Pink Cow Connections is an event for business owner and entrepreneurs to learn and network.

Each event features a quality presentation with someone sharing there knowledge and a business related topic. The goal is to give attendees some practical advice that they can take away and apply to their businesses the following day.

There is also ample time for networking over a light but delicious buffet. One of the best value, most effective and highly respected business networking events in Tokyo.

Interested in Presenting?

Our format of presentations is broken down into 3 parts:

Speaker #1 "Hands On” Speaker - one that is currently working on a concept or idea, it could be a new method of social media, marketing, latest technology etc.

Speaker #2 Interesting Topics in living in Japan - something that is interesting/latest about the culture of Japan, which can be in the working or social environment.

Speaker #3 Motivational - something that people can be empowered in making the workplace/business a more positive environment.


Talk to us today and let's discuss options!


PinkCow Connection x IconPartners主催の「PCC International Social Business Presentation」は、ゲストスピーカーによりとても役に立つ、有意義な講演や交流会が楽しめるイベントです。美味しい食べ物やたくさんのビジネスコネクションができます。PCCは講演の他、参加者が宣伝したいプロジェクトがありましたら、「発表時間」の間でできます。また、これからのイベントで講演したい方はぜひ主催者に連絡してください。