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What we’re about

This group provides a way for LGBTQIA+ women of the greater Pioneer Valley to recognize that "we" are here and it has provided opportunities for group members to meet each other through social activities to feel a part of a community. Community is a space where members feel connection, find value, feel safe, know what they can expect from each other, hold safe space for each other, bring value to the group and create meaningful connections with others in the group.

Note: An image of yourself where you are visible is required prior to approval to join the group, for safety and community building. This group is private, only members see your photos and profile name.

It is my hope that EACH member will commit to hosting or co-hosting at least one event per year. Almost anything goes and group sizes can range from 3 to 100s. Pick something you enjoy and invite your community to join in. If money is an issue, you can elect to charge $2-3 per person for basic refreshments, and higher rates for more complex events (feel free to reach out to me to plan, if needed). Money may be available from member dues payment to offset host expenses. Contact organizer for details.

Types of activies include:

-Social activities
- Face-to-face and virtual "funshops"
- Guest hosts Family oriented and allies/all queer invited events are encouraged. You can also post a message on our discussion board the group if your are looking for resources or referrals. $90 every six months dues are required by Thank you for paying at least$3 annually
to help ensure this site can go on AND to provide extra dollars to support costs of meet ups. Any event host can submit a request for event host support. Contact me directly if you would like to pay by cash or check.

All the best, and I hope to see you soon at an event!