What we're about

This group is for anyone who wants to continuously learn about the application of modern technologies in real-life situations, solutions to common problems and much more. Some of the topics we regularly cover:
• Front End development
• Back End development
• Product management
• Design
• Scaling and motivating Engineering teams
• Scaling your company's processes to stay innovative
• Working with big data effectively

We at Pipedrive have grown to more than 100,000 customers very quickly. Our clients are distributed globally and we need to constantly manage between making sure that everything works and adding new features.

In reality, it means 150+ deployments per day, 400+ microservices. The Pipedrive app, which looks like a monolith from outside is actually a sum of 600+ pieces both in front and back end that change 150+ times per day. It is like a live organism producing a huge amount of processing.

Our meetups go deep into the problem, cover the ground and offer solutions and valuable insights from both Pipedrive experts and our friends from the field. We only pick a topic if we have something to say and if we deeply believe you will like it and take something home with you.

Past events (17)

Engineering Meetup: From Developer to a Leader

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Backend Meetup: Advanced Microservices

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Product Meetup: Empowered Product Teams

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Backend Meetup: GraphQL at Scale

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