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Marc was the first Navy Seal to die in Iraq. Google his name, you will be impressed. We have named our facility after him with the approval of his mother.

The paypal link of this club goes to Forsyth Area Sports Teams, Inc. and all deductions are approved by the IRS as a donation to a 501 (c)(3).

The lake is now high enough to use our dock for “small boat” sailing at anytime by making a reservation. This is open to any member who passes a 1 hour proficiency test or who can show suitable qualifications. Use of the sailboat is free.

Our aquatic club supports employment for challenged adults through the nonprofit Forsyth Area Sports Teams, Inc. (FAST)

If you are going to donate to the nonprofit anyway, we have made it fun for you to watch your donation disappear. We have added a new fundraiser this year “Pirate Poker”, the only poker game we play is “Plunder”. There is absolutely no chance of you winning and you are better off just throwing the money to us from a distance. You do not get to hear the rules until after you break them and they change constantly. There is some rum involved so you must be over 21 to lose money. The minimum you are allowed to lose is $10. After people depart from the every sail, the others can stay at the clubhouse to play pirate poker until their money runs out or they walk the plank into the pool.

Read about the nonprofit FAST at http://wavetheusaflag.com

As wonderful as our sailing courses are, we must acknowledge that the best place to take sailing is the Lanier Sailing Academy. http://www.laniersail.com/lanier.htm We are not affiliated we them, we simply know they are the very best, and they win awards. Single boat operations simply do not compare to learning on their large lake fleet and with their other sailboats in many places around the world. Do you have a question about a sailing school, ask us?

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Special Olympic Sailing, Beach and cruising parties
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I also manage the Atlanta Volunteers and we are hosting a sailing team for the Special Olympics. This aquatic group has some great talent that we could use and you can have fun too. Here is the message I posted for our volunteers.

This event lasts for 8 weeks, starting today and ending in August but Meetup only allows for a two week posting. We are currently doing prep work and boat maintenance.

We will primarily meet at Mary Alice Park for events and our clubhouse for maintenance

Atlanta Volunteers Host Special Olympics Sailing – June 28 to Aug 5 – Prep now till June 27
Thanks to the Atlanta Volunteers and their hard work at the Gwinnett Braves Stadium, we will be training, sponsoring and hosting a sailing team for the Special Olympics. The team and the volunteers that support them, will be competing locally and in sailing competitions in other states. Our sailors will also compete in "regular" sailing competitions.
The Mayor of the City of Cumming and the City Manager have made a space available beside the boat ramps in Mary Alice Park so that we can set up a tent and park a trailer that we can use as an office for these 6 weeks. We can sell food to raise funds for our team.
We have an urgent need for people who know how to sail or who would like to learn. It usually takes 2 or 3 days to become competent enough to assist or teach sailing. Local prices for sailing instruction are over $600 for a beginner course, Atlanta Volunteers can learn on a “best deal” basis. Instruction is limited to 4 people at a time and the 4 with the “best deal” will fill the spots first. This can include a listing of your volunteer activities, donations of goods and services, a donation amount for the course or an hourly donation amount.
Sailing and watersports instruction for the general public will be $20 / hr. We will be open 24/7 for our volunteers as we will have a trailer available at either a public park on the lake or at the Atlanta Volunteers construction site which is also on the lake. Volunteers can sleep overnight at the lake on one of the boats, camper or tent. This is also on a “best deal” basis.
If you like organizing lake activities, pool parties, sailing, scuba, water skiing and more please contact me. We need people to host as many fun events for our volunteers as possible.
We have a considerable amount of manual labor that needs to be accomplished to get the boats, camper, pool and more ready for July. Trade your volunteer labor for a “best deal” for use of our watersports.
Also, think out of the box to help causes dear to your heart. Consider being an organizer for an event that hosts a day or overnight event for a getaway to the lake for a needy family that could use a mini vacation to uplift their spirits. Can watersports and Lake activities raise money for your worthwhile project?
Having fun needs to be our central theme in all our activities. Do you have an Ipod with a great music mix? Can you play a guitar for a night time beach party or sunset sail? Do you like grilling out for others? Can you simply just contribute to the fun with your bubbly personality? Can you organize some party events for kids or adults? Do you have a boat or jet ski that you can bring to a lake party? Do you want to organize a raft-up at Sunset Cove? (Lake Lanier Islands waterpark – about 500 boats attend on weekends)
We also need at least 10 people to organize an Atlanta Volunteers weekend party on July 26 to July 28.
I will contact each person individually who signs up to arrange a schedule for you.
If you would like to connect lake activities with other meetup groups, let me know. Lets arrange something.

Pirate Math
Needs a date and time

Forsyth Area Sports Teams - Aquatic Center

The following skit is designed to give noobs, an introduction into Pirate Cosplay as found on our ship.

Pirates get 25% of the donations which is a common percentage for nonprofits to give fund raisers. Last year two pirates did very well, but this is a lot of fun.

Pirate Oath
A pirate is as good as his word and I promise to keep the pirate oath to be honest, truthful and to keep my sacred trusted word, and honor all my promises even under all torture and pain of death.
The next time I lie or break my pirate oath, it will cost me 5 dubloons and if I can’t lie or bribe my way out of it, I must face the wheel of destiny.
(The following skit will show how pirates have bad math)


P Who wants to play pirate poker?
L How do you play? P Before you hear the rules, you must take the pirate oath.
L Okay.
P It costs 3 dubloons to take the oath.
L How much is a dubloon?
P You can buy 16 of our dubloons with 5 of your dollars or 37 with 10 of your dollars. (the conversion rate is meant to be difficult math)
L Pays, and takes the oath. lets hear how to play.
P Do you want to play Pirate Poker?
L Yes!
P You must pay 3 dubloons to continue.
L But we haven’t done anything..
P Giving you an answer will cost you another dubloon, you owe me 5 now.
L No I don’t, 3 + 1 = 4, I only owe you 4 dubloons.
P Arguing will cost you another dubloon, you owe me 7. (anytime they argue they owe another dubloon but bad pirate math puts it up 2 or 3 dubloons)
L Okay, (and he then he has to get dubloons - there is a 3 dubloon charge for buying dubloons)
P It will cost you 5 dubloons to quit playing, do you understand that?
L Yes
P It will cost you 3 dubloons to play.
L Okay, and landlubber gives him the 3 dubloons.
P That is only 2 you owe me another 2 more to make three.
L The lubber gives him another 2
P One more to make it two L Okay (Landlubber gives him one, and the pirate encourages him, and he gives one more)
P Okay now landlubbers often gamble away all their dubloons so you have to pay the 6 to quit before you play.
L Didn’t you say it was 5?
P Giving you an answer will cost you 3 dubloons.
L I thought you said it was one dubloon?
P That was then, prices have gone up, you owe me three for the question and 5 more for this question, and you still owe the 7 to quit.
L (Until his math is not accurate and he gives more than requested, he keeps getting razed)
L Ok (at this point they have paid lots of dubloons or something around $7 and nothing has happened)
P Okay, the ante for the hand is 3 dubloons.
L Okay, (he puts in 4, by now the lesson should be pretty obvious that pirate math is bad and you always over pay and never ask questions)
P Okay, swab, now your math is getting better.
L Do you think so?
P Yes, that will be anther 4 dubloons for asking a question
L (silently gives him 6)
P Okay, lets start the first game, dare, challenge or bribe!

Job Posting - Volunteer or Paid
Needs a date and time

Atlanta Volunteers Clubhouse

Hostess, pool parties, pirate themed.
Occasional Friday or Saturdays. Expect rowdy wild motorcycle clubs at most events and very conservative non drinking family groups at others. You will have to learn a variety of pirate lore, games, challenges and lead the group in constantly changing activities using worthless pirate coins. Pirates will be split into two or three groups each lead by their own hostess and will compete against each other. Pirates can lie, cheat, bribe, bet, auction or plunder their way through the night and the hostess will teach, encourage and demonstrate this pirate like behavior. These pirate themed pool parties are part of fund raising activities for the Atlanta Volunteers and their programs to train and employ disabled adults. We will ask you to complete a simple and short swim test to ensure you are safe around the water. Swimming, lifeguarding, scuba or sailing training and certification are job benefits. Experience with lifeguarding, scuba and sailing is a plus.
There is a very small possibility of being a hostess on one week sailing and scuba adventure in the British Virgin Islands or other locations.

Email me info@atlantavolunteers or call or text[masked]

38' Pirate ship away for a refit, 24' clean up?
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

I am looking for slave labor. You get to sail. This is historically accurate for pirates that get drunk, hit over the head and then end up on a sailboat.

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