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Ambridge Farmers Market every thurs May - Nov!
Ambridge Farmers’ Market Ambridge Farmers’ Market is located right off of Route 65 on 6th Street. It is held every Thursday from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm and its season runs from May through November. Beaver Farmers’ Market

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Ambridge Farmers Market

624 Park Road · Ambridge

What we're about

This Meetup is for EVENTS that have a ticket/cover of $5 or LESS or even FREE!
5-10% of the Events here on FREE & Almost FREE are SOCIAL (Hosted)

90-95% of the Events here are just informing you about cheap/cool/awesome stuff happening in the burgh region( not hosted).
So when there is a SOCIAL EVENT on this page with a HOST expect a couple extra emails to help make that meetup WORK and have a decent critical mass of people to make it decently fun!

There are a lot of activities in Pittsburgh that are free, or almost free - free days at museums, free concerts and films, free outdoors festivals, free cultural events ... . In addition to these (can't beat the price!), we'll post "almost free" ones where the cost is low (at most $5) compared to the fun that can be had.

We're always looking for more ideas. YOU CAN POST YOUR OWN EVENTS HERE. If you have one, please click "+Schedule a New Meetup" and we will add it to our calendar as a "suggestion" ... and let me know so that I can turn it into a Meetup event.

This group is both informative (Just giving us CHEAPSKATES a heads up about events!) about Free and Cheap events (aka almost free) and also about real social meetup events that go on. So far the ratio to events where you do stuff with other meetup people and the informative\informational events about cool free and cheap events is about 15% Social Events/85% Informational.

It's up to YOU to make your own fun! And if you suggest an event PLEASE TRY TO TURN IT INTO A EVENT that people can meet up an interact.

This is an VERY ACTIVE MEETUP, you will get a ton of e-mail, my recommendation is if you have a secondary e-mail address use that for your user id. Or that you go up to "My Profile" on right hand side of page and select E-mail and Notifications. You still will get a bunch of e-mails but it will be more manageable. Meetups WORK because of E-mail, not because people come here to look for things to do.
FYI: Social events at places can be posted as long as it is FREE to go there or the cover is $5 or less. People can decide on their own if they are eating and drinking. Example: Lets go see this Band that has no cover charge at this Bar. If YOU want to eat or drink something while you're there that's on YOU.

It's still a FREE or ALMOST FREE event. If they charged more than $5 for cover or had a mandatory food n drink min above $5 then it won't get posted. Or a YOGA class that asks for a $5 donation is okay, $6 is not... This was preventing some social events from happening on this page and we want to encourage social\fun events on the free and almost free group.

2nd FYI: NO Multi-level marketers or marketing in any way shape or form! This will lead to banning.

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