Giant Pillow Fight at Schenley Plaza! FREE! Sun, July 23rd 8pm!

This is a past event

14 people went

Schenley Plaza

4100 Forbes Ave · Pittsburgh, PA

How to find us

Sit on the Lawn in Schenley Plaza (Bring Your Own Pillow) and look for Orange Bike Flag and Await for the Mystery Signal for the Battle to BEGIN!

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Giant Pillow Fight at SCHENLEY PLAZA!

Pittsburgh Cacophony Society 11th Pillow Fight!!! + Free Movie "NIne Lives (PG ("

DAY: Sunday, July 23rd FREE MOVIE AFTERWARDS: Nine Lives (PG)
MEET: Schenley Plaza Lawn 8pm!
Pillow Fight is going on Rain or Shine.
FREE FUN! Wonderful! Silly!
Kid-friendly and Adult-friendly Event!
TIME: SHOW UP AT 8pm! then at 8:20pm SHARP!
Then the Pillow War Begins ;-)


DETAILS: SHOW UP AT 8PM then at 8:20pm SHARP! (the movie starts close to 9pm at Dusk) there will be a mystery signal and a GIANT PILLOW FIGHT WILL BREAK OUT!
Kid Friendly, Bring your own Pillow! (BYOP!) Only allowed to attack others that have pillows! Amazing Fun!
Last year we had 150+ people do this! 11th year doing this!

Address: Schenley Plaza is 4100 Forbes avenue. There is parking around there and in Schenley Park!

COST: FREE just bring a pillow! BYOP!

This Pillow Fight only lasts for 10 or 15 mins cause it's hot and exhausting, plus people want to see the movie.

SAFETY: Please just have fun, please just aim for the body and have fun. If you see someone hitting people too hard with the pillows, then grab the pillow and say "take it easy." IF YOUR PILLOW RIPS, YOU CLEAN IT UP! Personal responsibility and FUN!

YOU WILL SEE SOMEONE WITH A ORANGE BICYCLE FLAG on a Stick, gather around that person!

Quick description of Event: This is the 11th annual giant pillow fight. Show up in Pajamas or in cool comfortable clothes.

ADVICE: SHOW UP EARLY at 8:00 pm, BRING A PILLOW! At 8:20pm SHARP! a MYSTERY SIGNAL will sound and then ATTACK anyone with a pillow! (NO ATTACKING UNARMED CIVILIANS!) Have fun! BE SILLY! don't hurt people!

PS. Watch out for Lil Kids! They are Dangerous Lil Buggers! Be Safe! Soft Pillows Preferred! (see safety above)!

SPECIAL NOTE: If anyone DROPS their Pillow you cannot attack them! Also BE CAREFUL with hitting peoples heads with Pillows! This is Exhaustively FUN! We will be done a lil bit before the movie. 10 to 15 minutes of PILLOW FIGHTING and then the movie ( or whatever you want to do!

Afterwards either watch the FREE MOVIE in the PARK which is "Nine Lives" or go to have dinner and drinks at the Porch (bar/rest) in Schenley Plaza.

WE NEED HELP SPREADING THE WORD ABOUT THIS... just tell some friends and ask them to tell theirs. It's usually about[masked] people and FUN! FIVE years ago we got on Channel 11 TV. Probably won't be on TV but will still be fun anyhow.

FYI: This is a flashmob but it isn't. Just people asserting their right to carry and use pillows. ;-)