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An every other month face to face local Pittsburgh meet up to discuss locally the Unreal Engine. The purpose is to learn, teach, and share possibilities of the Unreal Engine. These discussions include, but are not limited to, the use in game creation (and playing!), education, architecture, art, programming (C++ and Blueprints), virtual/augmented reality and cinematics.

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Pittsburgh Unreal Meeting May 2023

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We will meet online on Discord to share tips and tricks, and review our projects in Unreal Engine and other Epic Games software.



Hosted By

Patrick McKenzie, Registered Architect

I am an architect who uses Unreal Engine 5 for architectural visualization.

Rob Milliken, Leadership

I have a background in everything from 6510 assembly language to Blueprints. Personally I use the Unreal Engine for general applications. Applications I've created include prototypes in altered reality to assist surgeons in the operating room (the ability to call up images on voice command via the internet), assistance for the visually impaired (visual that floats where a person can see better for people affected by macular degeneration), and childrens books where the pages come to life and you can interact/quiz the characters for context.

Ryan Lee Eicheldinger, Community Leader

Interdisciplinary game developer & community outreach director at MONRIVERGAMES (http://www.monrivergames.com) and currently a CS50 for game development professional student at Harvard University (http://www.harvard.edu).








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Pittsburgh Unreal Meetup March 2023 Virtual Event

This event has passed