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This group is for parents, children, and individuals to connect with others who want to learn more about indigos, childhood and adult mental health, and gifted children. The indigo are spiritually gifted individuals, but without the proper balance, guidance, and tools can very easily develop issues that will cause suffering. It is possible that the many over diagnoses of childhood and adult mental illness are linked to this phenomenon, and with the proper guidance many of these children and individuals can be very successful. I am starting this group, because 13 years ago I suffered with childhood mental illness (ADD, ADHD, Bipolar, OCD, & Tourettes). So, I know what it is like. I have, since then, been able to overcome my mental illness and move into a spiritual life as an indigo that is balanced, and symptom and medication free for over the past 10 years using various techniques and mind-body practices. I am hoping to share my experiences, and provide an outlet for others to share in order to inspire and facilitate growth and balance of these special children and adults. We have the power. We just don't always know how to use it. Lets come together and empower our youth to rise to the occasion that is their lives! I look forward to meeting you all Sincerely Tom M, Ph.B, LWC, TCQT -Life Coach, Speaker, and Tai Chi Teacher

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