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What we’re about

We truly appreciate the value of a supportive community of like minded people who are willing to help, support, and encourage each other to be our best selves.

The value and importance of community is exactly why we are happy to dedicate so much of our time and energy, including one Saturday every month, to cultivating, engaging, and growing our local plant-based community here in central NJ.

We all love these potlucks for the people, and the low-to-no barrier of entry. Anyone willing to stop at a grocery store, and pickup 4 organic apples, a bunch of bananas, or a few of your favorite oranges, is welcome to join us for a healthy whole food plant-based feast with some of the most inspirational and supportive people you will ever meet.

We hope to see you soon!!
The Organizers

How it works

This is a community based Meetup. We get together for potluck meals, restaurant dinners, seminars, movie screenings, etc.

At our potlucks, each member brings a whole food plant-based dish (described below) to share with others in a beautiful, welcoming and supportive environment. We are a good mix of long time plant-based folks, and newcomers who are just starting their transitions. No matter where you are on your own personal journey, you are always welcome!

If you don't know what a whole food plant-based compliant dish is, then just bring some fresh fruit, grape tomatoes, peeled carrots, sliced peppers, or any another fresh fruit or vegetable.

There is no membership fee, the potlucks are always free.

What is a Whole Food Plant-Based Compliant Dish?
We want to create a safe and supportive environment for both newcomers and long timers. While there is some room for other items on the fringe of a Whole Food Plant-Based diets, for this group we focus on sticking with the healthiest foods at the core of every plant-based whole food diet. That means all dishes must be vegan (excluding any meat, dairy, or other animal products) and free of any added oil, salt, sugar, syrup, honey, and/or other sweeteners or processed food.

These standards are important to us AND we want you to come and enjoy yourself too! So, please do not let them turn you off or intimidate you. When you come to your first potluck we promise that you will fit right in, enjoy yourself, eat delicious food, and make some friends. That's what we're all here for!

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