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Welcome to Platform Engineers Amsterdam!

This is a group for engineers to learn and discuss all things internal tooling, platform teams and internal developer platforms. Every week, we interview some of the best DevOps minds in the industry.

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Upcoming events (4+)

Measure the success of IDPs with OpenTelemetry, DORA & SLOs

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Observe you must! And that includes everything your IDP does between git commit and GitOps updates to production. OpenTelemetry is the de-facto observability standard in the cloud-native world. In this webinar learn WHY and HOW the CNCF project Keptn uses OpenTelemetry to measure the impact (DORA) and success (SLOs) of all workload deployments orchestrated by your platform.

Like any product, an Internal Developer Platform (IDP) needs to be observed for its efficiency, usage, and business impact. You need to embed observability into the core deployment and operations use cases, and report on DORA and SLOs for every workload that is orchestrated from git commit to production rollout.

During this webinar, Andreas will cover:

  • Why DORA and SLOs should be reported by default in any modern platform
  • Why OpenTelemetry is the best framework to provide required level of observability
  • How the CNCF project Keptn gives you a head-start with app-aware lifecycle observability on Kubernetes for all your GitOps deployments

After a 30-minute talk there’ll be a 15-minute Q&A, for which we encourage you to submit questions in advance.

Andreas Grabner
DevOps Advocate and DevRel at Dynatrace
Andreas Grabner has 20+ years of experience as a software developer, tester and architect and is an advocate for high-performing cloud scale applications. He is a DevRel for the CNCF open source project keptn (www.keptn.sh) and an active contributor to the DevOps community

Grew up in rural Austria
Lived 8 years in Boston, MA
Loves Salsa Dancing

Disclaimer: We use Zoom for the webinar stream. The link to the webinar will be sent upon your registration to your email.

PlatformCon: What's the modern blueprint for platform engineering?

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It’s the final countdown with only eight days left until the second PlatformCon. Join the PlatformCon warm up event moderated by TNS Founder Alex Williams, for a fruitful panel discussion on one of the trending topics: Blueprints.

The discussion will feature some of the PlatformCon speakers and cover:
- The role of the blueprint designer
- Biggest challenges in approaching a blueprint design
- The archetype of the modern blueprint for platform engineering

Alex Williams
Founder at The New Stack
A journalist by trade, I have been writing and editing for several years about matters related to how technology stacks are changing. Now at The New Stack I am working in more of a publisher role, managing our editorial direction while also building the business in a sustainable manner.

Disclaimer: We use Zoom for the webinar stream. The link to the webinar will be sent upon your registration to your email.

Platform Reference Architecture on GCP for enterprise-grade IDPs

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The software development era is changing how businesses build, deploy, and manage their applications. To stay competitive, organizations must transform their static setups into a modern Internal Developer Platform (IDP) that empowers developers to innovate fast. In this session, Kaspar walks through the architectural components of a modern dynamic IDP based on real-world experiences.

During this session, you will:

  • Learn design principles for a scalable IDP using interchangeable tools such as GCP EKS, CloudSQL, Compass, Humanitec, CloudBuild, Terraform, and more.

  • Design great interaction patterns for platform engineers and developers to standardize config files and enable true developer self-service

  • Solve common challenges such as low levels of productivity and innovation, missing self-service, cognitive developer load, and lack of standardization by transforming your static CI/CD setup into an enterprise-grade IDP.

Join us and learn how to transform your static CI/CD setup into a dynamic IDP that empowers your developers and keeps your organization ahead of the curve.

After a 30-minute talk, there’ll be a 15-minute Q&A, for which we encourage you to submit questions in advance.

A webinar recording and related materials will be shared with all attendees after the event.

Kaspar von Grünberg
CEO at Humanitec
Kaspar is an early pioneer in platform engineering. Over the last decade, he has been building Internal Developer Platforms (IDPs) at scale and is responsible for coining the term IDP. A regular speaker on platform engineering, Kaspar is the author of several associated defining articles. He is also the founder and CEO of Humanitec, the company behind Score and the Platform Orchestrator, now the centerpiece at most dynamic IDPs.

Disclaimer: We use Zoom for the webinar stream. The link to the webinar will be sent upon your registration to your email.

PlatformCon 2023 Day 1

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#PlatformCon2023 INCOMING! ☄️ Very soon the top DevOps and platform engineering leaders will meet on one virtual stage for just two days. As a reminder, this is a free conference for and about platform engineering, born to celebrate our awesome community of 15k+ platform engineers 🔥

Join our kick-off event by tuning into YouTube live on Thursday, June 8th at 10:00 am CEST. Then head to the Platform Engineering Slack channel to chat with other attendees and guest speakers in our live Q&As.

Wanna know the best part? All talks are pre-recorded, so you’ll be able to watch at your own pace.

PlatformCon 2023 talks delivered by platform engineering professionals will cover five tracks:

  • TECH. Dive deep into the technical backbone of developer platforms. This track explores how platform teams solve specific problems with specific tools–from Kubernetes to IaC, service catalogs to GitOps.
  • IMPACT. Discover the impact and business value platform engineering initiatives deliver. Hear C-level perspectives on how their platform impacts key metrics and learn how practitioners secure executive buy-in.
  • BLUEPRINTS. Explore tried and true platform blueprints and reference architectures. These talks uncover key design considerations and explore how to effectively combine tools for your developer platform.
  • CULTURE. Developer platforms don’t live in a vacuum. They’re built by engineers for other engineers. This track discusses the cultural aspects of platform engineering, from product management to how it relates to DevOps and SRE.
  • STORIES. Learn from practitioners who built platforms for real-life enterprise use cases. These talks showcase the platform journey–from initial steps to building and rolling out across the engineering organization.

AUDIENCE - who should join?
Platform Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Site Reliability Engineers, System Engineers, Infrastructure Kubernetes Administrators, Technical Architects, Application Developers with a DevOps affinity, and Technical Management.

Event website: https://platformcon.com/
Join the Slack community: https://platformengineering.org/slack-rd

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