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This group is for Agile enthusiasts and practitioners to come together and discuss the day to day issues they face with Agility Thinking and to find answers together. This is organized and sponsored by Leanpitch (https://leanpitch.com (https://leanpitch.com/)).

We will have weekly webinars names "Agility Tuesdays" and monthly meetups for Agility Thinking. For more details visit, https://agilitythinking.io (https://agilitythinking.io/)

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Sprint 0: A Debate

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** Registration required on Leanpitch portal: https://bit.ly/37hVTrH ** 💡 Agenda: Sprint is a timebox in Scrum. But, what is Sprint 0? There is absolutely no reference in Scrum Guide about it nor there is any credible source about it as well. So, what is it anyway? Some say it's a poor man's timebox where it is merely treated as an excuse for not coming up with an Increment. In this webinar, let us have a debate on what Sprint 0 is all about. ✨ Facilitator: Vivek Jayaraman, Customer Success Officer, Leanpitch (https://www.linkedin.com/in/vivekjayaraman/) 🔗 Register for FREE here: https://bit.ly/37hVTrH 📱 Resources available on Leanpitch App: iOS - https://apple.co/2UAUq9R and PlayStore - https://bit.ly/2WvdwAL * SM Speaks Series: Interview of Scrum Masters * Webinar Recordings: of all previous webinars * Videos: Small snippets on Agile concepts * Blogs: Concepts related to Agile, Scrum, Coaching, Facilitation, etc. ⛳ Upcoming Courses from our sponsors: * Online 2-days Certified Scrum Product Owner ( Dec 5th-6th): https://bit.ly/3fWHtjU * Online Certified Scrum Master Workshop ( Dec 1st - 3rd): https://bit.ly/2WWbzwi * Online ICAgile Certified Agile Coaching Workshop ( Dec 4th - 6th): https://leanpitch.com/certified-agile-coach * Online Advanced Scrum Master workshop ( Dec 15th - 17th ): https://leanpitch.com/online/advanced-scrum-master-training * Online Certified Scrum Professional - SM ( Dec 1st - 3rd ) : https://leanpitch.com/online/certified-scrum-professional-scrum-master * Online ICAgile Certified Coaching Agile Transitions ( Dec 26th - Dec 27th ) * Online ICAgile DevOps Foundation Workshop ( Dec 19th - 20th ): https://leanpitch.com/online/devops-certification-training * Online Crash Course on Liminal Thinking ( Dec 2nd ) * Online Crash Course on Introduction to Systems Relationship Coaching ( Dec 23rd ) Register for Online courses here: https://leanpitch.com/onlinecourses/ ❓ Frequently asked questions: 1. Is the Webinar paid? It is FREE and sponsored by Leanpitch(http://www.leanpitch.com) 2. Where can I see the webinar recording? The webinar recordings will be available on Leanpitch App. Download the app here: iOS - https://apple.co/2UAUq9R Android - https://bit.ly/2WvdwAL

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ProductThinkingThursday: User Interviews

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