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playtestNW runs numerous playtesting events all across the Greater Seattle area. We visit game stores, coffeehouses, libraries and gamer pubs to bring you new games and eager game designers looking for YOU to help them make their games better.

We test all sorts of new games – you may play a Eurogame at one event and three light card games at another. No two events are ever the same, but at every event you can expect some confusion, some "Ah-ha!" moments, some laughs, and some serious contemplation of game mechanics. With your help we're the game designers are hoping to find out what's good and what's broken.

So, if you like learning new games that no one has ever heard of and you like getting your fingers into the fiddly-bits to see what happens when you adjust this rule or change that mechanic, then you'll have a good time at a playtestNW event.

Upcoming events (4+)

Livestream Chat on Twitch (Guest or Topic TBA)

Link visible for attendees

Every Tuesday @7pm PST on Twitch!

Hosts Beau and Nicole invite a game designer guest to share in a fireside-style chat or discuss a current game design related topic.

This Week's Guest or Topic:

Type your questions in chat or comment below to be part of the Q&A!

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There are more guests, topics, and events to come! Twitch runs on your interactions, questions, and suggestions so let us know what you want to see!

Playtesting at Blue Highway Games

Blue Highway Games

Playtest prototype board games by local, indie game designers. Join us if you would like to play games still in development and share feedback with the designer to help improve the game.

This event is at Blue Highway Games in Queen Anne (just north of downtown Seattle).

We have a few rules for attendees:

  1. We recommend wearing a mask that fully covers your nose and mouth and be vaccinated as this is a public event. Thank you!
  2. Sanitize your hands between playtests.
  3. If you are sick, stay home.

Host of the Event: Marlon (MEGAMint Games)

Okay, we'll have four playtesting tables for the event. If you would like to bring a game to playtest please comment below and include Game Name, Number of Players, Estimated Game Time, and a Short Description.

Games at the event include:

  1. TimeWarp Warriors
  2. Table Open
  3. Table Open
  4. Table Open

We look forward to seeing you and playtesting games on the first Saturday of the month!

Digital Playtesting on Discord

Online event

Join us in the playtest_lobby to play games digitally on Screentop.gg, TTS, Tabletopia and more! Quinn will be your host for this event!

Sign up to play or demo your game here:


If you haven't already, join the Discord server here: https://discord.gg/4DcmWup

Playtesting at Games Plus in Lake Stevens

Games Plus

We have a new in-person playtest up north and hosted by Satheian of IndiPro Games at Games Plus in Lake Stevens: https://gamespluswa.net/

Come see and play games as the creators work out kinks and fine tune the design. No experience necessary. All feedback is welcome!

Game designers can bring a game you're working on and get some feedback from playtesters outside of your friends and family.

We have 6 tables available and have plenty of room for the event! If you would like to bring a game to playtest please comment below and include Game Name, Number of Players, Estimated Game Time, and a Short Description.

We have a couple of rules for the event:

  1. Please wear a mask and attend only if you're fully vaccinated.
  2. Sanitize your hands between playtests.
  3. RSVPs are limited. Please RSVP so we can plan for attendance.

We look forward to seeing you and playtesting games!

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Digital Playtesting on Discord

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