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Sea Turtles Group Ukulele Class for beginners (on-going)
NEW! The Sea Turtle Group Ukulele Class $25 Saturdays 11:30 am at the Studio Are you rhythmically challenged? Have trouble keeping up with basic chord changes? This class is on-going. You can drop in or out at anytime. Slow and steady wins the race. This is a beginning class for people who have a hard time playing the ukulele. We will go very slowly and everyone in the class will get individual attention. If you are lost at your ukulele group, or if you took the QuickStart 101 Ukulele Class and found the pace to fast, or if you just feel you need a fun slower paced learning environment with like-minded players this is the class for you. We will cover basic ukulele fundamentals. This class will be tailored to the needs of the “Sea Turtles” attending. Learn easy songs and how to play them. We will cover basic chords, basic strums, basic ukulele fundamentals and techniques Level: Very Beginner Prerequisite: Everyone welcome. If you have NEVER played ukulele we recommend taking the QuickStart 101 three session class first. __________________________________________________________________________________ Q: >>> What is the difference between Ukulele 101 and Sea Turtles Class? A: Ukulele 101 is a 3 session course designed to get you started correctly on the Ukulele. It has set content that covers everything you need to start on the Ukulele. The Sea Turtles Class is an on-going beginning class that is taught at a slower relaxed pace with like minded friendly people who support each other. The class content is driven by the Sea Turtle input. We work on basic strums, chords and techniques and use them in songs. __________________________________________________________________________________ Sea Turtles Class is taught by KEV >>>When: Saturdays 11:30 am - 12:30 am >>>Where: QuickStart Studio 3650 Clairemont Drive Suite 1B San Diego CA 92117 >>>How to pay for class: Cash preferred. Cards accepted. No personal checks please.

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