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Time to tempt your palate with all the pleasurable flavors that LA, and beyond, has to offer!


Join Pleasure Palate as we do culinary adventures exploring of restaurants (both high-end & holes-in-the-wall), food & beverage tastings, and more. From savory to sweet, spicy to tangy, ethnic to All-American, we'll taste it all! Come along and let us take your taste buds on the ride of their life!


Because we want to burn off some of the calories that we eat, many of our events will have both a dining and physical activity paired together. We do many day trips and weekend adventures that combine the best of both dining and experiencing what LA, SoCal and beyond has to offer in terms of dining options and points of interests.


Pleasure Palate has been around for over 7 years now and in that time we have had over 1,800 events. We offer at least 8 events per month for our members to choose from. This is a very active MeetUp group.

We will focus on various aspects of urban, suburban and rural life, ranging from architectural to cultural, historical to quirky and/or a combination of any of the above to help give you a better appreciation of where we live. Oh, and bring your camera because we encourage all our members to take photos and share their experiences with us on the event pages.

MeetUp charges $180 each year to maintain the Pleasure Palate site. In addition, it costs a lot of money to maintain memberships to historical societies, newspaper and magazine subscriptions - all to get ideas for future events. So we ask for a voluntary $6.00 annual donation to help defray the costs that MeetUp charges.


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Upcoming events (5)

Italian Dinner at Finger's Crossed in Hollywood

Fingers Crossed

Please Note: Read the the directions carefully below BEFORE you RSVP "Yes" for this event. 1) This is a limited seating event. If you sign up for the event and then cancel 48 hours or less before the event, that will be considered a No Show and you will be removed from the group. 2) Bring about $60 in CA$H for this event. 3) there is a dress code enforced at this restaurant: We kindly ask our guests to abide by the smart casual dress code. The following clothing items are not permitted; Beachwear, Athletic Tops, Casual Shorts and Flip Flops. There is a temporary restaurant in Hollywood that opened up this summer by Chef Evan Funke. The cuisine is pasta and pizza. I have dined at prior restaurants of this chef before and overall had good experiences, so I want to check out his latest project. So come join me in Hollywood to try out Fingers Crossed!

Hallloween Dinner at Tidbits by Dialogue in Santa Monica

1315 3rd Street Promenade

Please Note: Read the directions carefully below BEFORE you RSVP "Yes" for this event. 1) This is a limited seating event. If you sign up for it and cancel less than 48 hours before the event starts, I will remove you from the group. 2) Bring about $60 in CA$H for this event. 3) This is not a family style dining event, but you are welcome to share your dishes with others. 4) Menu and pricing of Tidbits: https://www.toasttab.com/dialogue-restaurant/v3 I have never had the chance yet to dine at Dialogue, the fine dining restaurant that shuttered its doors during the pandemic, but it ended up spawning tidbits. i have been to the chef/owners other restaurant Pasjoli, and that restaurant was excellent. So I want to give Tidbit a try. Normally, I would be in WeHo celebrating Halloween but since all festivals and even Halloween has been cancelled this year, I figure why not celebrate it with good food instead. So come join me on All Hallow's Eve for dinner at Tidbits!

Rocio's Mexican Kitchen in Bell Gardens

7891 Garfield Ave

Please Note: Read the directions carefully below BEFORE you RSVP for this event. 1) Bring about $20 in CA$H for this event. 2) This is not a family style dining event, but the group is encouraged to share dishes if they want. 3) Yelp reviews: https://www.yelp.com/biz/rocios-mexican-kitchen-bell-gardens About 10 years ago, I hosted a dining event at Rocio's 'first' restaurant. I think it was somewhere near Bell. It was when I discovered that there were dozens, if not hundreds of types of mole, not just the popular black mole which I am not a fan of. But I became a fan of green, orange, even pink mole. Then over the years Rocio kept on opening (and closing restaurants) all over LA County. I hosted events at those other places as well. Well Rocio is now based in Bell Gardens, so I want to check her latest restaurant out and try out a dish or two. Come join me at Bell Gardens for Rocio's Mexican Kitchen. Bonus round: After lunch, you can visit the oldest house in LA County - the Gage Mansion. It would be an exterior visit since they don't offer tours and its inside a mobile park: http://www.laalmanac.com/history/hi05h.php

Dim Sum at Capital Seafood in Beverly Hills

Capital Seafood Beverly Hills

Please read the directions carefully below BEFORE you sign up for this event. I went to Top Island a few weeks ago in Alhambra. The food was reheated and not freshly steamed but here at Capital Seafood the items are cooked to order. Their menu is not as extensive as "normal" but I am grateful for what they have to offer. Parking should be readily available on Sundays. 1) This is a limited seating dining event - only 6 seats total. 2) This is family style dining - we will be ordering as a group and splitting the bill evenly excluding beverages. 3) You cannot have any sort of dietary restrictions to participate in this event. 4) Estimated cost per person is between $30 to $40 per person. Make sure you bring that amount in CA$H. Small bills would be helpful. 5) Please do not attend if you have fever or if you are not feeling well. 6) Face mask is mandatory till the food arrives at the table and you must use the serving utensil and not your personal utensil! 6) If you cancel 24 hours BEFORE this event is scheduled to occur, it will be considered a No Show. No Shows are removed from the group.

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