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Time to tempt your palate with all the pleasurable flavors that LA, and beyond, has to offer!


Join Pleasure Palate as we do culinary adventures exploring of restaurants (both high-end & holes-in-the-wall), food & beverage tastings, and more. From savory to sweet, spicy to tangy, ethnic to All-American, we'll taste it all! Come along and let us take your taste buds on the ride of their life!


Because we want to burn off some of the calories that we eat, many of our events will have both a dining and physical activity paired together. We do many day trips and weekend adventures that combine the best of both dining and experiencing what LA, SoCal and beyond has to offer in terms of dining options and points of interests.


Pleasure Palate has been around for over 13 years now and in that time we have had over 2,000 events. We offer at least 8 events per month for our members to choose from. This is a very active MeetUp group.

We will focus on various aspects of urban, suburban and rural life, ranging from architectural to cultural, historical to quirky and/or a combination of any of the above to help give you a better appreciation of where we live. Oh, and bring your camera because we encourage all our members to take photos and share their experiences with us on the event pages.

MeetUp charges over $200 each year to maintain the Pleasure Palate site. In addition, it costs a lot of money to maintain memberships to historical societies, newspaper and magazine subscriptions - all to get ideas for future events. So we ask for a voluntary $12.00 annual donation to help defray the costs that MeetUp charges. Members who donate $12 per year get Plus Member status which allows them to bump off a Regular member for a event which is already full. Plus Members can't bump off other Plus members.


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Upcoming events (4+)

Bellflower: LA County Fire Museum and Family Style, Early Lunch at Taco Nazo

Los Angeles County Fire Museum

Please Note: Read the directions carefully below BEFORE you RSVP "Yes' for this tour.

  1. This is a 2 part event. We will visit the LA County Fire Museum at 9 AM and then have an early family style lunch at Taco Nazo at 10 AM.
  2. Family style dining means we will order as a group and divide the bill evenly, excluding beverages.
  3. You cannot have any dietary restrictions for this event.
  4. There is a $5 donation admission for the LA County Fire Museum.
  5. Estimated cost per person at Taco Nazo is at least $30. So bring that amount in CA$H.
  6. More info on Taco Nazo: https://www.taconazo.com/

Thanks to PP member Regina, I recently read that Taco Nazo is considered one of the top taco places in the USA - at least according to Yelp. Taco Nazo is a mini chain in LA County, and I have heard of them, but I can't recall having visited any of their locations recently. So we will check out their popular Bellflower location and give them a try. Since we will be in Bellflower, I figure why not pair it off with a visit to the LA County Fire Museum? So come join me for a few hours in Bellflower for fire engines and seafood tacos!

Downtown LA: Dinner at Air Food L'Appart


Please Note: Read the directions carefully below BEFORE you RSVP "Yes" for this event.

  1. This is a limited as seating dining event that require me to provide my credit card to hold the table reservation. If you sign up for this event and then cancel within 72 hours of the event start date/time for whatever reason, that will be considered a No Show and subject you to removal from the group.
  2. The estimated cost per person for this event is $70 and if you order drinks, it will most likely be closer to $100. This is a French restaurant and good French food doesn't come cheap.
  3. Yelp reviews: https://www.yelp.com/biz/air-food-l-appart-los-angeles-3
  4. Because this is a limited seating event, those of you that have helped donate money to help me defray the costs that Meetup charges me would get priority over those that haven't. So you can basically bump off someone who hasn't donated but signed up for the event.

I enjoy French cuisine but there aren't many really good French restaurants in LA County. Recently, Koti, a PP member, dined at the oddly named Air Food L'Appart. Not a restaurant I would normally go to based on the name alone, but Koti raved about this place and I've dined enough times with her to know if she says its really good, then its worth dining at. So come join me in Downtown LA for a culinary French experience at Air Food L'Appart!

X-Mas Eve@Garden Grove: Family Style Seafood "Brunch"@Oc & Lau & Guo Pei@Bowers

Oc & Lau 2 Restaurant/Bar

Please Note: Read the directions carefully below BEFORE you RSVP "Yes" for this event.

  1. This is a family style dining event. We will order food as a group and split the bill evenly excluding beverages - unless the group decides to order the delicious passion fruit juice drink they serve here.
  2. You cannot have any dietary restrictions for this event, especially with seafood since we will be ordering shrimp, scallops, clams, lobster, etc.
  3. Bring at least $70 in CA$H for this event.
  4. Yelp reviews: https://www.yelp.com/biz/oc-and-lau-2-restaurant-bar-garden-grove-6
  5. After lunch we will have an OPTIONAL foray to the Bowers Museum in Santa to check out the latest Guo Pei Art of Couture exhibit. If you want to join me on this visit tot he Bowers, make sure to buy your ticket online for December 24th at Noon through here: https://www.bowers.org/index.php/current-exhibition/guo-pei-the-art-of-couture
  6. Admission ticket to the Bowers is $25 per person.

OC & Lau is my fave seafood restaurant in SoCal. I have dined here at least 6 times during the pandemic and the food has been consistently delicious! I luv this place so much that I find myself returning every several months, which is extremely rare for me to do, since there are just so many other places I want to try out each year. The last time I hosted an event here was in April, so we are due for another visit. So come join me at Oc & Lau in Garden Grove for a seafood feast! Afterwards, if you want to admire couture fashion with me, then we will head over to the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana to check out the Guo Pei exhibit.

Echo Park: Family Style Take Out Lunch at Quarter Sheets Pizza Club

Quarter Sheets Pizza

Please Note: Read the directions carefully below BEFORE you RSVP "Yes" for this event.

  1. If you sign up for this event and cancel for whatever reason within72 hours before the event starts, that will be considered a No Show. Members who No Show may be subject to removal from the group.

  2. This is a family style dining event. This means we will order as a group and divide the bill evenly. You cannot have any dietary restrictions for this event.

  3. Estimated cost per person is between $30 and $40, so bring that amount in CA$H.

  4. Right now this restaurant is Take Out Only, but they might offer seating by the time we visit in November. So on the day of the event, we will confirm if they have seating available or not. If they do not have seating, then we will go to nearby Echo Park to eat the pizza and dessert offerings.

I luve pizza. Mostly I luv Neopolitan style pizza, but in recent years, I have also come to appreciate Detroit style pizza. Detroit style pizza has a doughy crust, then it stopped with cheese and the sauce is on top of the cheese. They are also rectangular shaped. When done right, they are oh so delicious! So I head Quarter Sheets Pizza Club does a great version of Detroit style pizza. So we will order 4 to 6 pizzas plus their dessert offerings and see if they truly serve great Detroit style pizza. So come join me at Echo Park for Detroit style pizza!


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