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Authentic Oaxacan Brunch at Conrad's in San Pedro, Samplings from the Chef
Please Make Note of Pleasure Palate Attendance Policies and our 3 Strikes Rule by clicking here ( before RSVP-ing to this Event. Cancelling your RSVP within 24 hours for any reason, or not showing up at the event without contacting the Organizer by cell phone ahead of time will result in a strike. 3 Strikes and You're Out! NOTE! If you do not provide me with your contact number at the time of signing, then your RSVP will be canceled. If you are on the Wait List, then it is YOUR responsibility to monitor your status on the Wait List and update your RSVP accordingly, if necessary. and not me. I am NOT your personal assistant. Relatively new Mexican restaurant that opened up only a couple of months ago in San Pedro. The Chef as indicated that he would like to host a table for our group and prepare a variety of Oaxacan dishes for us to try. There's no menu as of now. Just consider it his omakase. If you love to Instagram or share food pictures on social media, then is definitely an event you would like to sign up for. Yelp Reviews: TO RSVP FOR THIS EVENT: • We will meet inside of the restaurant shortly before our 11:00am reservation. Please be on time as the chef would like to start service promptly at 11:00am. • Total cost estimated per person is expected to be about $15 or more (especially if you order beverages or additional food for yourself, plus tax and gratuity). On the day of the event, please bring sufficient CASH to pay for the balance of your portion of the bill. • FAMILY STYLE DINING: We will be dining "Family Style." The food bill will be split evenly among all attendees. Attendees will be responsible for paying for their own alcoholic beverages. Please note that flexibility is an important part of family-style dining, and if you want to take a chance on attending, you have to be amenable to what the group will order. You don't have to eat everything that is ordered, but everyone pays equally, whether you eat everything or not. The goal for family-style dining is to allow for the entire group to sample as wide a variety of dishes as possible. If one or more attendees choose to order on their own, that limits the group's choices, which defeats the purpose of what Family-Style Dining is all about. If this definition of Family-Style Dining doesn't feel comfortable, this may not be the right type of event for you. • Parking is available in their own private lot. Street parking is available. Just be sure to check any parking signs for any parking restrictions.


1902 South Pacific Avenue · San Pedro, ca

Respond by: 6/24/2018

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