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What we’re about

Hello !

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To jest nowa Grupa, dla Polska 'Community' - Mogę mówić tylko po polsku, ale nie mogę pisać po polsku. Więc muszę kontynuować po angielsku. Spotkanie tylko online.

I am starting this new group for polish speakers to meet up online - for everyone all over the world. There will be events to speak polish but also events to speak in english for those who have polish family, friends and background but don't speak or write it well enough at this time. While this is the main focus, people all over the world are generally welcome.

Events will be announced and mostly be about some social or philosophical topic to talk about. Sometimes we maybe also have easy going topics and depends on the members and what they will want to do.

In the beginning these events will be Online Only - but I am based in Denmark, so maybe this will develop and it will become a 'real life' meet up some day.

Upcoming events

No upcoming events