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What we’re about

Polish Global Village promotes local Polish events and activities in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia (the DMV area). This group is for the Polish community and all friends of Poland who wish to attend local or online events focused on Polish art, culture, history, traditions as well as Polish politics, economy, defense and international relations. Many events advertised in this group feature Polish food. When you attend events advertised in this group, you will meet many local Poles and hear a lot of Polish. Some of the events are held in Polish without interpretation into English. Other events are held in English even though only a few people in the room do not speak Polish. Still other events advertised here are attended mostly by non-Polish speakers who are interested in certain aspects of Polish history or contemporary affairs. Very few of the events that this group promotes are actually organized by this Meetup group, but the "community organizer" and several "event organizers" are deeply involved with the local Polish community. You're invited to join, relink with old Polish acquaintances, and make new Polish friends. Zapraszamy!

NOTE: Look also for our sister groups on LinkedIn, Google Groups, and Facebooks.

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