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The Issues You Don't Talk About Cafe Monthly Meetup
This Meetup is about the sharing of ideas in a public and open form where participants can come to learn and teach. In order for people to feel comfortable expressing their, what may be controversial views, we aim to create an environment that is not absent passion, but is cordial to people who may even have extreme views. It is incumbent upon all participants to contribute in fostering that environment. The Meetup is divided into three consecutive sessions: I. One Minutes - An icebreaker where we go around the room and ask each individual to state their first name and then talk about anything that is on their mind for approximately one minute. II. Topical discussion - The heart of the Meetup where we put a topic on the table and ask those who choose to share any opinion or idea around the topic. We informally toss around a stuffed animal which serves as a "talking stick." When you have it in your possession you have the floor. We loosely spend about 15 minutes on each topic depending on the number of people in attendance. This is not the time for debate, but there is room for anyone to ask some clarifying questions of the speaker in order to better understand their point of view. The goal is not to change minds in this section, but to give those minds food for thought. III. Meetup after the Meetup - This is the end of the "formal" Meetup and where the healthy debate can take place. With smaller groups we passionately argue things that we may have talked about in topical discussion to everything else on the planet. Some say this is the best part and some people loathe the passion and the volume. Some leave before or during this part and others show up just for this part. It can last for hours. If there are rules to this Meetup, these are them: BE RESPECTFUL TO EVERYONE regardless of their views on any subject. Bring your voice and passion, but leave your anger and condescension at home. If you get angry at differing opinions, please realize that this is not the place for you and kindly do not attend. Eat, drink and be merry and tip well if you can. We don't have to leave as friends, but we can't leave as enemies. As usual there is a lot to talk about. Here are some of the topics we could explore: Kim Jong-Un has a summit with China. Does this upstage the event that is to happen with the U.S. in May? North Korea has always wanted to be a world player, did President Trump play this right and allow them to become one and consequently securing peace in the region? President Trump is disrupting a lot of things. Can the Anti-Trumpsters admit some are bearing fruit? Some say President Trump dupped the Democrats by putting the budget for "The Wall" in the military budget? Are all things going as planned? Looks like President Trump has it all figured out. Running the country isn't so hard. Past presidents have made it look harder than it really is. As soon as he gets the personnel that he wants in place he'll be able to rule like the leaders he apparently admires. Right? Does it bother anyone that leaders like China's Xi Jinping can apparently rule forever? Vladamir Putin doesn't appear to be going anywhere anytime soon either. President Trump is already running for president in 2020. Is there an appetite to overturn the second amendment? Because they've put themselves out there nationally, are the kids who are leading the #NeverAgain movement viable targets for the ire of the Right? They are protesting over another shooting of an unarmed black man in California. Are we a fanning the smoldering ashes of a flame that almost went out? Is this current rise in activism the remnants of the Tea Party Movement? Is talking about religion becoming unfashionable? I look forward to talking to you all. Glenn

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Here is your chance to move the water cooler at work out amongst the rest of the world. This multi-partisan group will talk about everything from politics to religion to race; the things that you aren't supposed to talk about in public.

We are about the sharing of ideas and points of view. Points of view which will likely be different from views you currently hold. The goal is not to solve anything, but to leave the Meetup with a better understanding of how someone who hold beliefs completely opposite from you can come to their conclusions. This requires disagreement, but respect for other people and the acknowledgement that they are completely entitled to the views they hold.

So bring your brain and your passion, but leave your anger and condescension at home. It is encouraged that we all leave as friends, but required that we don't leave as enemies. For this group to succeed, it is important that we have a diverse group of people from conservatives to liberals; from believers to non believers, etc. We need different nationalities, ethnicities and religions that come from all walks of life.

Caution: If you are a hothead, this is not the group for you. You won't enjoy the Meetup and neither will we. Besides, there are plenty of what I call "Lovefest groups" out there that are willing support your already held beliefs. This is a "Learnfest!" So come test your views on politics, heaven and hell, the best positions for making love, affirmative action, etc...what you learn should and could be fun!

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