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All meetings are happening online for the for forseeable future.

Etiquette announcement. Do you like the look of somebody and want to get to know them a bit better? This is the way it works: If you want to message somebody, you have to

1) attend a public Zoom/Skype or in-person meeting

2) ask the person publicly in front of everybody on the group if you can message that person. You get to ask exactly one time. Once. You may not slide into anybody's DM's without asking in the public group first.

I had to block somebody again today because they were being creepy. I hate doing it. I hate being a policeman trying to teach people basic manners. It's awful.

Don't email other members of this group for any reason. Not to introduce yourself, or for a coffee date, a meeting or for sex. That's what the dating apps are for.

The aim of polyamory.org.za is to make polyamory commonplace and unremarkable.

If you are non-monogamous or are just curious about it -- then you are the person we are looking for! This is a place to socialise, meet people and talk about stuff in a non-judgemental atmosphere. It's a social space, not a hookup space.

If you want to add an event near you, http://www.polyamory.org.za -- or email the organisers of this meetup and we will add it.

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