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Polyglot Cafe is an opportunity for people of different backgrounds to get together to exchange language and culture. We'll meet at a cafe, bar or restaurant and move break off into smaller groups to speak a variety of languages. Do you speak or want to learn\practice Mandarin? Hang out with the Mandarin speakers, and maybe you can help them with English or another language while you're at it. You can also jump from one table to another and meet a ton of interesting people from a variety of backgrounds. Our polyglot cafe is a perfect microcosm of this country's most diverse city.

Currently, we have general multilingual meetings on the first Wednesday and third Friday of every month. On top of that, there are language-specific meetings throughout the month. Each meeting is at a different location to allow for a change of pace and so that we can discover the city together. If you have ideas of where\when to meet, also feel free to let us know.

Side note: If you want to stop receiving emails about new meetings, just uncheck the option in your communication settings (http://www.meetup.com/account/comm/polyglot/).

Side note 2: When you sign up for this group, you'll be asked to pay your "dues." There are not actually any dues; this is just the way meetup phrases what we call optional donations. Consider it an optional yearly donation of $2 if you want to help us keep this group running. It's not much for one person but, if enough of us pull together, then I won't have to worry about paying the meetup fees anymore (around $150/year). Donations are not at all required, but certainly appreciated :)

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Tea Bar & Organics

大家好, 今晚我们一起用中文聊天吧! 我想要提高中文的流利程度,所以希望交流时尽少的讲英文。如果你的中文有限,也可以来练习听力。 欢迎所有感兴趣的人来!

Multilingual Meetup

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multilingual mingle

Learn Languages Together

Three Brothers Bakery

Come and learn new languages or practice ones you know together with this meetup where participants encourage and help out each other! Tired of watching youtube videos? Bunrt out from doing grammar drills? Come out and refresh your mind and change your language-learning routine and start practicing things you have leanrt with native speakers. It does not matter what your native tongue is or what languages you are currently learning, there is bound to be somebody who can learn from you or help you in this peer-to-peer review meetup. Feel free to bring any of your materials and questions and let's learn together and reach that conversational goal you've always wanted before your next visit to any particular country! And for those who can stay a while longer, we will explore and find different places to lunch each time, and have some leisure fun time in the afternoon in the form of gaming!

Multilingual Meetup

Needs a location

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Multilingual Meetup

La Madeleine

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