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The Portland Accessibility and User Experience (PDX A11Y UX) Meetup addresses how to incorporate accessibility and universal design principles into project planning, user research, and UX evaluation.
This meetup hosts an ongoing conversation about how to create in a way that is inclusive to the greatest number of people possible - meaning those with and without (dis)abilities.
The accessibility conversation is timely around the world and locally in our Portland tech communit y. Some join the conversation to mitigate legal risks, others are motivated by social justice purposes, while many find that building accessibility early into a development lifecycle improves user experience.
PDX A11Y UX acts as a resource for Portland based companies and individuals interested in accessibility, universal design, and inclusive design. We encourage you to tweet #pdxa11yux about accessibility topics you are interested in seeing in the future with our group.

Questions? Send us a Meetup message or email us at info@pdxa11yux.org.

Note: We do not approve of the overlay service that Meetup recently added on Meetup.com. Overlays are not an effective accessibility solution. See Overlay Fact Sheet for more information on overlays.

Past events (43)

Grass Roots Accessibility — How inclusive design is like starting a garden

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day 10th Anniversary in Partnership with A11yBay

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Whole-to-Part versus Part-to-Whole: How Sighted and Blind Web Navigation Differs

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Put the Law in your Pocket: Accessibility as a Human Right

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