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shiny night: tutorial and use cases


Let's have a Shiny night! If you're not familiar with Shiny, check it out at - Shiny is a web application framework for R. Many people use Shiny to convey business/research/etc. findings to collaborators/bosses/etc. without needing the person to be able to code. Checkout to see some really cool examples.

We're going to have a brief tutorial for those that haven't used Shiny, as well as some Shiny use cases to see what you can do with Shiny in the real world.


• Winston Saunders (@winstononenergy ( - intro to Shiny

• Jessica Minnier (@datapointier ( - speaking on

• Kinga Farkas - CUSUM Anomaly Detection App Using Shiny

• John Smith (@smithjd ( - Rise and shine. Shiny as an everyday tool.

Enter on West side of building through metal gates. Gates may be open, but if closed a security guard will be present to let you in. Doors open at 615 pm. DO NOT SHOW UP BEFORE 615 PM. Talk starts at 6:30 pm. Repeat: DO NOT SHOW UP BEFORE 615 PM. We'll visit a local watering hole afterwards.


Propose a talk! Or suggest a talk you want to hear or attend:

Hashtag for PDX R meetups: #pdxrlang & the Twitter account to follow/tweet at is @pdxrlang

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