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cRaggy is Back - looking at Housing and Evictions

cRaggy, our data exploration and visualization activity is back! For those of you unfamiliar with cRaggy, we make a large dataset available for visualization and analysis, and let you present and share your results, visualizations, and insights about the dataset.

We will be looking at a combination of housing data and eviction data for King County, hoping to gain insights about the nature of evictions in King County. This dataset comes courtesy of the planners of the 2019 Symposium for Data Science and Statistics.

We'll kick off the cRaggy by having two introductory sessions:

Aug 20 - As part of aggregate
Aug 22 - Zoom session (online) for discussion and Q & A about the dataset.

We encourage you to collaborate together and work on visualizations! Our goal is to encourage collaboration, and share our code and insights.

In a month, we'll have a visualization gallery and lightning talks about the visualizations and insights we've come up with. More information to come.

All are welcome. Participation in cRaggy requires agreeing to the PDX R Meetup Code of Conduct:

• Time: 630pm - 8pm

Food/drinks: TBD on food and snacks for this one

Doors open about 615 - we'll start at 630. If you have any trouble message me in the meetup app, or on Twitter at @pdxrlang or @buchmayne
222 SW Columbia St., Suite 1600 · portland, or
How to find us

Through main lobby go to elevators. At buttons in front of elevators press 16 for 16th floor; display shows which elevator. Once on the 16th floor head to the Econorthwest office, main conference room (on the right when you enter the office).

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