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If you own an English Bulldog, you've found one of the largest play/support groups for the breed and their parents (that's you!). We meet to socialize our bullies and discuss health, behavioral and other support issues. Mostly the dogs just play. However, if you are facing some behavioral or health problems, it's most likely that one of our members is going or went through similiar issues you face. As a member, you can draw from the vast experiences of our membership.

Each meetup is a little different, but attended by many. Weather permitting, we meet the second Saturday of each month on the left side of Normandale park, as well as the fourth Sunday of the month at Hondo Park in Hillsboro. Be prepared to let your dog play!


  1. If it's hot or cold, bring a water dish with lots water.
  2. Don't forget the clean-up bags.
  3. A clean bully is a happy bullly, so bring some wet naps.
  4. Walk around and encourage your dog to get active and play. Sometimes when parents sit at one place, the bully doesn't want to leave your side.
  5. Don't trap your dog. (if every dog in the park is off their leash except your dog, and your dog gets in the middle of all these dogs, you can create stress and actually be encouraging a confrontation. If you are going to keep your leashed dog in the park, attempt to stay away from the pack.) Select one or two dogs to introduce your bully too, or better yet, when appropriate, let your dog off the leash to play with the other dogs.
  6. Bring a camera and post your photos. We all love to see bullies in photos!
  7. Don't forget to bring some treats, but remember, if you give it to your bully, others may want some too!
  8. Have fun!


  1. Keep your dog home if the bulldog is sick, has open wounds, was recently operated on or does not have proper shots. Your vet should determine when its appropriate for your dog to socialize and come to the group.
  2. Also, for young puppies, we recommend that you keep care. Altough, most members have the correct shots and vacinations, other dogs at the public park may not.
  3. AGRESSIVE DOG OWNERS: If your dog doesn't play well with others, leave them at home. Or better yet, work with a trainer to improve their social skills. We hate to discourage any owners, but safety at our meetups is paramount.

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