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What we’re about

Do you ever fantasise about the end of the world? Well you are not alone!

Starting out as a group of friends who realised they were interested in post-apocalyptic books created this group as half joke not fully understanding the obsession that was to come.

We meet once a month to chat about a pre-set post-apocalyptic book, as well as organising author events, movie nights and socials etc. We are virtual for 2021 and will hopefully be back in person in 2022.

You can also find us in the #post-apocalyptic-book-club channel in the Book Club Collective Slack:

We are an equal opportunity group and don't discriminate against those who are into a bit of literature! So, if you fancy reading some books about the decline of society or the subsequent rebuilding of it while having a drink and a laugh then we would love to meet you.

To catch a glimpse of what our group is like, check out this short video made by the lovely students of Kingston University:

The Post Apocalyptic Book Club from Noni Braithwaite on Vimeo.

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