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What we’re about

We're a post-punk/goth/alt nightlife party and community that recently relocated from the East Village to Williamsburg after our previous long time venue closed amid the Covid lockdown. This group is hoping to reach people who would be interested in joining us as we rebuild even stronger.

You should join if you're part of the counterculture or simply interested in it. If you like to dance to alternative music, meet new people, and have a positive vibe.

Our events take place at a venue called Eris Evolution at 167 Graham Avenue every Friday. There are 2 floors. On the top floor there is an 80s party, on the lower level, we have our party across two rooms. The first room is a lounge with a DJ booth where we play usually more dark electro, italo disco, cold wave, synth, and ebm. In the back room there is a larger dance floor where we play primarily industrial, dark wave, post-punk and gothic rock -- depending on the DJ and vibe.

So you can dance, kick back on a couch and chat with friends, revisit some nostalgic 80s, smoke some pot outside, come back, dance some more, make some friends, whatever suits you.