Philly PostgreSQL Night

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20 people went

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• DramaFever is located in the Bell Atlantic/Verizon Tower (Three Logan Square):

• 1717 Arch St, 6th Floor North, Philadelphia, PA 19103

• DramaFever’s central location is accessible via

• all modes of public transportation

• walking and cycling

• Driving - Parking Garage located under building accessible from Cherry Street, can enter Monday - Friday 6:00AM-8:00PM (exit anytime)

• Attendees must provide valid ID and sign in at the security desk

• Attendees arriving (or leaving) before 7:00 PM may enter/exit through the east entrance

• Attendees arriving (or leaving) after 7:00 PM must enter/exit through the north entrance


It may be Pope week in Philly, but we're holding our first Philly PostgreSQL Night on September 22. Unlike our traditional Meetup format, we are extending it to 2 talks for the evening with a sponsored happy hour to follow.

For the first talk, we have long time PostgreSQL contributor Joshua Drake aka JD. He will talk about:

Postgres(QL) in 10

The Elephant continues to dominate and these are the 10 things you must know about it right now. We will discuss the features from 9.5 that you must have, features that are overlooked, external applications to make your life easier and the status of the community. This talk is an all encompassing love fest with technical status for the current and new community members but don't worry, I won't hold back. I will also speak about a few things the community still does stubbornly wrong.

The second talk, we will change pace a bit:

Debugging Your PL/pgSQL Code

PL/pgSQL is a very robust development language allowing you to write complex business logic. The downside is as the complexity of your functions grows, how to you debug them. We have all used RAISE statements to print out the progress of our functions, but they can quickly overwhelm your logs becoming useless.

In this talk, we will:

• Walk through the setup of 2 key PostgreSQL extensions, the PL/pgSQL Debugger and the PL Profiler

• Demonstrate how the PL Profiler can identify problem areas in your functions

• Setting breakpoints in functions and triggers

• Stepping through PL/pgSQL functions

• Discuss the performance impact of running the extensions on production environments