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Meet others in Philly interested in PostgreSQL: The World's Most Advanced Open Source Database. Discuss this open source database and share the tips and tricks you've learned using it.

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[DIGITAL] Benchmarking Distributed SQL Databases: YugaByte DB vs CockroachDB

Yugabyte is an Open Source, PostgreSQL compatible database. Traditional RDBMS databases run on a single node, and therefore the benchmarks designed for these systems make that implicit assumption. Distributed SQL databases are a new breed that operate on a cluster of nodes. These databases have fundamentally different architectures, requiring a different benchmarking methodology. For example, the network latency between the nodes begins to dominate the write latency since data is replicated synchronously. Understanding the impact of network latency is critical to getting optimal performance. In this talk, we will look at the transactional cloud serving benchmark or TCSB framework built to benchmark distributed, transactional databases, and the results of benchmarking a few such DBs. We’ll also explore benchmarking results between CockroachDB and Yugabyte DB. You can register for this free event here: https://postgresconf.org/conferences/Distributed-SQL-Webinar-Series/tickets

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