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SFPUG March: 12-Step Program for PostgreSQL-based Application Performance

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What: 12-Step Program for PostgreSQL-based Application Performance

Who: Konstantin Gredeskoul, CTO of Wanelo

Sponsors: (, sponsoring hosting and food.

Online Video: available as a Google Hangout at:

The door will be manned only until 7:30PM. So please try to arrive before 7:30!

Are you addicted to slow application performance? Are you ready to make a change? :)

In this presentation, Konstantin Gredeskoul will tell the story of how Wanelo grew their application to 3K requests/seconds in just a few months, while keeping latency low, and tackling each new growth challenge that came their way. Konstantin will break down the approach into a 12-step program for scaling applications atop PostgreSQL. The talk will cover topics ranging from traditional slow query optimization and vertical and horizontal sharding to serialized writes, or using services to abstract scalability concerns.

With PostgreSQL 9.2 and 9.3 as the primary data store and Joyent Public Cloud as their hosting environment, the team at Wanelo optimized their application stack over and over again using an iterative approach.

Konstantin Gredeskoul (CTO, Wanelo) has been building and deploying large-scale distributed software into production for more than a decade. Having inherited a java-based web app which was gaining rapid popularity with users and having a difficult time scaling, Konstantin successfully lead the team @ Wanelo in rewriting the entire app from scratch. The team chose ruby on rails, and accomplished the switch in only two months with six engineers, all the while migrating data from MySQL to PostgreSQL.

The new backend went on to support further explosive growth of two orders of magnitude and a popular iOS and Android application with 50,000+ ratings (very nearly all 5-stars). Today many of Wanelo's discoveries and epiphanies are documented on their technical blog at and are readily shared in our beloved local SF meetups, like this one.