South Bay PostgreSQL Meetup


The inaugural South Bay PostgreSQL Meetup.

This is not a competitive event to the PG Meetups in SF, but rather aims to provide a platform for anyone in the South Bay who wants to avoid the traffic jams in SF.

We aim to host a Meetup every other month.

* Peter van Hardenberg (Heroku): Postgres 9.4 - new opportunities for users, admins, and hackers
* Mason Sharp (Translattice): Scale-out PostgreSQL with PostgreSQL-XL

Anyone interested in PostgreSQL or databases is welcome, there will be Pizza.

Postgres 9.4 - new opportunities for users, admins, and hackers:

PostgreSQL 9.4 has finally been released and it's full of exciting newfunctionality. Let's spend some time together looking at some of the coolnew features in 9.4 for users, administrators, and database hackers.

Of course, the biggest new feature is Postgres' second JSON datatype,`jsonb`, but there are a couple other exciting goodies worth looking atlike the new improvements to materialized views.

Admins should take note of SET SYSTEM and pg_prewarm.
Most exciting of all though are the new opportunities created by backgroundworkers and logical replication primitives that haven't been fully takenadvantage of yet.

Scale-out PostgreSQL with PostgreSQL-XL:

Open source Postgres-XL allows users to scale-out PostgreSQL for bothOLTP and OLAP workloads, all while maintaining cluster-wideconsistency across multiple nodes.

This session will discuss the capabilities of Postgres-XL and how, bybringing massively parallel processing (MPP) to the community,PostgreSQL becomes a strong candidate for Big Data analytics. Inaddition, we discuss how Postgres-XL implements cluster-wide ACID andMulti-version Concurrency Control (MVCC) support.
There will also be a demo of how to install a small local cluster on asingle system for testing.