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Let's kick off the new year with a new PostgreSQL Meetup.


"Kafka for DBAs" - Gwen Shapira
"PostgreSQL and Linux Containers" - Jignesh Shah

This Meetup is sponsored and hosted by Pivotal. Live streaming is available, details can be found here:

Kafka for DBAs:

As DBAs and data architects, there are some things we care a lot about. For example, providing consistent performance on our OLTP databases, and making sure the ETL processes will land data correctly and on-time in the data warehouse.Business analysts care a lot about other things - for example getting the newest data to their dashboards and being able to run crazy queries really fast without anyone killing the queries for silly reasons like "performance". They also want to be able to get all the data they need without having to integrate with gazillion data stores.Apache Kafka, a distributed queue developed at LinkedIn to solve the problem of integrating databases at large scale, offers a surprising solution to all these problems. Which probably explains why it gains popularity so fast.In this session, we will explain what is Apache Kafka and why it rapidly becomes the secret weapon in the fight to keep databases sane.

PostgreSQL and Linux Containers:

In this session we will look into rise of Linux Containers in DevOps and a quick dive into the docker implementation including how to use volumes in docker containers. We will also talk about common pitfalls of using PostgreSQL in docker containers and how to avoid them.

About Gwen Shapira:

Gwen is a system architect at Confluent helping customers achieve success with their Apache Kafka implementation. She has 15 years of experience working with code and customers to build scalable data architectures, integrating relational and big data technologies. She currently specializes in building real-time reliable data processing pipelines using Apache Kafka. Gwen is an Oracle Ace Director, an author of "Hadoop Application Architectures", and a frequent presenter at industry conferences. Gwen is also a committer on the Apache Kafka and Apache Sqoop projects. When Gwen isn't coding or building data pipelines, you can find her pedaling on her bike exploring the roads and trails of California, and beyond.

About Jignesh Shah:

Jignesh works for AppOrbit.