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What we’re about

Powerful Women Networking was founded in 2007 at Central Florida to support professional businesswomen who are passionate about what we do and are committed to helping each other grow personally and professionally. We strive to provide a positive, supportive, and encouraging environment, and are sincerely interested in the well being of our members, our business partners, our families and our community.

We are Powerful Women because we know that working together, supporting one another and helping each other to connect and grow, is the truest path to success. Like building blocks, we may be solid and strong individually but we become something much greater, much stronger, and much more powerful when connected together.

Powerful Women Networking is designed to be a meaningful and relevant experience as we focus on the issues and challenges that impact our business, our lives, and our community. We provide opportunities to connect with other like-minded women, share articles and expertise, and help each other grow personally and professionally.
Our members are a diverse group of businesswomen, entrepreneurs, and key players within the community, as well as stay-at-home moms who are in-between and looking to start something new. If you are just starting out on a new business venture or are a seasoned pro, we invite you to connect with us and become part of our Powerful Women Networking group.

Our Mission is to create an environment that inspires, encourages, comforts and strengthens women and to provide them with opportunities that help them grow, embrace their faith, respect others' beliefs, and reach their full potential both personally and professionally to make a positive difference for others and our community

Participating as an active member of Powerful Women Networking will offer you opportunities to:

  • Make meaningful connections. Rejuvenate your spirit, and recharge your drive and determination to succeed. Members have access to one another for encouragement, knowledge, experience, talent, and resources. You will have the opportunity to connect and lift each other up during networking events and through the PWN website/bulletin board and social networking.
  • Learn new tips and techniques to help you succeed. Our monthly Lunch n Learn events offer a combination of structured and casual networking activities along with an educational segment where we feature a speaker that focuses on a topic to help you in business and/or your personal life. You can further your knowledge by accessing the follow-up articles (and others) posted on the PWN bulletin board, ask questions, get answers, and share/discuss additional topics.

Our approach is welcoming and non-competitive.

  • No membership restrictions. - We do not restrict membership to one person per industry or business type.
  • No lead requirements or referral quotas to fill. We do not require that you provide a minimum number of leads or referrals to other group members in order to remain a member. It is strictly voluntary and done based on getting to know each other, their morals, ethics and business practices so that you are confident when referring someone you know to a fellow member (or providing a member a solid lead), that they offer good quality at a fair price and deal with others with integrity and high ethics.
  • No policy against membership with other networking organizations. In fact, we encourage members to enhance their networking skills by fostering meaningful partnerships with others, and help one another to grow and prosper by participating in multiple networking and/or other business groups. We are happy that several members of Powerful Women Networking are leading networking groups of their own. The more we network, the more we all grow!
  • Membership fees. At this time, we do not charge an annual fee. You only pay per meeting. $10 (cash or CashApp/Venmo) is collected from each attendee at each meeting. We request that each attendee purchase a lunch from the hosting restaurant to support them as they support PWN by hosting these events.

New initiatives and add new chapters/meet ups will be added all throughout Central Florida, and beyond! As we grow, we anticipate adding a Powerful Women E-Magazine; a E-Newsletter; Vendors events; Training programs (live and virtual); Mentoring; Resource Network; Jobs Board and More!

Benefits of being a Participating Member include but are not limited to the following:

  • Invitation to post up to two articles/insights/posts per week on both the PWN Meetup Group Message Board and the PWN Facebook Page.
  • Opportunity to schedule one-on-one meetings with other Participating Members (because we prefer to buy from and refer to those we know, like, and trust!)
  • Opportunity to Speak at PWN Chapter Meetings
  • Marketing to Members - offer a gift or door prize to all PWN Members, announce special offers at Meetup Events etc.
  • Member discount to PWN Special Events & Training Seminars
  • Discounts for vendor sponsors PWN Events
  • Member spotlight opportunity at PWN Event (1x annually per location where member regularly participates)


***All benefits are based on consistent participation in networking events**
We hope that you will join us and become a Participating Member of Powerful Woman Networking!
Thank you and may you be Richly Blessed!

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