2019 #3 WebAssembly - binary format for executables used by web pages

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The purpose of WebAssembly (Wasm) is to enable the JavaScript engine of a web browser to execute page scripts nearly as fast as native machine code. But this is not a full replacement for JavaScript; rather, Wasm is only intended for performance-critical portions of page scripts. Wasm code runs in the same sandbox as regular script code, but only regular scripts have direct access to the DOM tree.


How we ditched Javascript for WebAssembly
Jakub Mirovský, Avocode

Well we didn’t. WebAssembly is used as a buzzword in the tech world and is being talked about like something to replace Javascript. We decided to use WebAssembly for the performance-heavy parts of Avocode (like our rendering engine) and in doing so we came across some difficulties that we had to understand and overcome. How did we manage to do it? What did we learn? And what do we want to do with it in the future?

Tomáš Koutský

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