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2018 #3 dive into JS
Agenda: 18.30 Novinky v React.js - Hooks & Suspense Antonín Simerský & Pavel Kepka 19.30 Async functions in practice: tips, tricks and caveats you want to know before migrating from callbacks Miroslav Bajtos With Node.js 8.x bringing async functions to mainstream, many developers are tempted to abandon callback/Promise-based flow control and start using the new approach. When planning such move, one should consider several aspects: is this new feature ready for prime time yet? Do the benefits justify upgrade costs? What are the downsides? In my presentation, I'll cover practical aspects, benefits and pain points of async functions in Node.js 8.x LTS, 10.x and the npm module ecosystem. Armed with this knowledge, participants will have everything needed to decide whether async functions are a good choice for their projects.


Krizova 4 · Prague


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