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PragueJS is a group of rising JavaScript enthusiasts who meet every month in a different place, to discuss all the cutting edge trends and tweaks in JavaScript and related topics. And hey, there's beer, so you can come even if you don't know jack about JS. Almost all talks have been recorded and published on our Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC35c9cDvXa4zDNq_uJXufTQ).

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2022 #5 Web3

Needs a location

Get out and get social in 2022 : come out and discuss JS together!
Get in touch with the organizers with any questions you have. We welcome a diverse range of topics that are related in any way to JavaScript and the community around it.
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Talks from previous meetups can be found on our YT channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhkTsdQVsKvN_TNQ_LZz_-LZzRLSlzKWh

Venue schedule:
19.00 - door open
19.15 - talks kick off
20.45 - talks done
21.00 - beer time


Future of the web: How to write web3 apps? (EN)
Jakub Baierl | Ackee

Web3 is not just about crypto. Let’s look beyond the hype and get ready for the future of web development that is already happening. Jakub will show you how to write web3 apps so you get the most out of it. Prepare yourself for some crypto wallet extensions and smart contract integrations, even if you are a no-coiner.


Test your smart contracts very, very thoroughly (EN)
Petr Hejda | Freelance Blockchain Development Mentor & Consultant

Smart contracts are immutable. Once you deploy them, there’s no going back and there’s a bug, it’s just waiting for someone to exploit it. Let’s make use of JavaScript testing frameworks to make sure nobody can steal your users’ crypto.


Six years beside traders (EN)
Karel Červíček | AI trading specialist

Forex/Crypto/Stocks Technical options of Also trading. Hidden traps. My approach - GA programming. ANN vs GA vs Other


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2022 #4 Developer Experience (DX)

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