2019 #4 Build a fullstack GraphQL app with Prisma, Apollo and React

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GraphQL is a query language for your APIs. It’s also a runtime for fulfilling queries with your data. The Apollo platform is an implementation of GraphQL that can transfer data between the cloud (server) to the UI of your app. Prisma is a real-time GraphQL database layer that turns your database into a GraphQL API.


REST API should not stop you from using GraphQL (EN)
Pavel Kepka, Blueberry

In my talk I'll present how we used Apollo tooling to get GraphQL like environment in our frontend app even the backend is REST. I'll show benefits we got from this approach and the problems we encountered during the development of the application.

Code-first GraphQL Server Development with GraphQL Nexus and Prisma (EN)
Lukáš Huvar, intern in Prisma

GraphQL Nexus offers an alternative to the popular schema-first approach for constructing GraphQL schemas. This talk explains the benefits of using Nexus' code-first approach and gives a practical example with Prisma and Yoga 2.

Integration testing GraphQL with a separated frontend (EN)
Alex Gordon, SessionM

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