2019 #5 Static Typing for the Web with TypeScript, ReasonReact and GraphQL

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Static typed languages are those in which type checking is done at compile-time. The main purpose of static types is to reduce possibilities for bugs in applications by defining interfaces between different parts of app, and then checking that the parts have been connected in a consistent way.


Introducing ReasonReact Into your Typescript Codebase (EN)
Vit Gottwald

With the recent release of ReasonReact, there is no longer an excuse to not write your React components in ReasonML.
You get the assurance of a sound type system of OCaml and the familiar syntax of Javascript. Your ReasonReact components now look like regular ReactJS components and the abstraction is zero-cost, it compiles away.
We will start from a small typescript project, add a few ReasonReact components a custom React hook, written in ReasonML, and finish off with cross boundary type checking between Typescript and ReasonReact components using genType.
The same applies in case you are using Flow in your project, since genType can generate both Typescript and Flow type definitions.

Why ReasonML?
Did you ever look at your Typescript file searching for the actual code that was buried within a haystack of manually written type definitions? With ReasonML, that is a thing of the past. The Hindley–Milner type system and algorithm W will take care of you with type inference that actually works.

Incrementally Adopting GraphQL, Frontend First Approach (EN)
Roman Schejbal

We'll look at some practical examples how one can approach implementing GraphQL. And because we don't always live in an ideal world where we could easily do this on the backend (as it should be), we'll start this from the frontend and eventually move it into its own node microservice.
We will also look into why we should even care about GraphQL, highlight some other benefits than those that are obvious. Like simplified UI logic and new abstraction possibilities through fragments.

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