2019 #10 What we learned from our apps



Incremental Migration to React
Chris Meyer (@cygnil) Principle Software Engineer at DNAnexus

What happens when you need to migrate to React, but you can't cease development of your existing code base? Learn how DNAnexus is steadily replacing its old application code without sacrificing development of new features.

The story about e2e testing of front-end app
Antonín Simerský (@rodan_lewarx): Reason ML fanboy, React and React Native developer, Meme and bad jokes generator
Pavel Kepka (@kepkap): React & React Native developer currently occupied with Reason ML stuff

The goal was simple: “Prepare e2e test of our internet banking app”. Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But wait, our web app uses 2FA authorization for various events via our mobile app! The things starts to get complicated at this point...

This talk will be about:
- endless deprivation from various obstacles during each step of test preparation
- possibilities of how to test web app with custom 2FA
- how to write such as tests in Appium
- how to integrate tests in CI/CD pipelines

Why React is better in ReasonML?
Roman Schejbal (@romanschejbal) Tech Lead at Velvon

As developers, we all want to build great apps and with React, it has never been easier. What if we take the core principles of React and bring them to the language level? That's what ReasonML does. In this talk I want to shed some light on this alternative. Let me tell you a short story about how I got to do Reason and why I think it is the next frontier of application development.

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