2020 #1 Think Functional!

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Get out and get social in 2020 : come out and discuss JS together!
Get in touch with the organizers with any questions you have. We welcome a diverse range of topics that are related in any way to JavaScript and the community around it.
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Venue schedule:

18.30 - door open
18.45 - talks kick off
20.45 - talks done
21.00 - beer time


How we have discovered FP part of Lodash
Karel Žoha | Pricefx

Lodash is well known swiss army tool of an everyday developer but have you tried its FP version? We have and maybe you should too. Why is the FP version better? Come and see for yourself.

Inside Fiber: the in-depth overview you wanted a TLDR for
Matheus Albuquerque | STRV

At the core of React.js, lies reconciliation; the mechanism that tracks changes in a component state and projects the updated state to the screen. Starting from version 16, the core team rolled out a new implementation of that internal instances tree (components, DOM nodes, etc.) and the algorithm that manages it code-named Fiber.

In this talk, I want to provide an in-depth overview of important concepts and relevant data structures. We'll then explore how React uses the algorithm to perform initial render and process updates and a few details of the scheduler, the child reconciliation process, and the mechanism of building an effects list.

Last but not least, we'll go through a few magic words we hear a lot, like coroutines, continuations, fibers, threads, generators, and algebraic effects and see how they all relate to React.js itself.

I'm a client-side architect – with an iOS and node.js background – currently working as a front-end engineer at STRV, a San Francisco-based strategy, design, and engineering company with clients across the whole America and Europe.

My areas of interest/passions include JavaScript and compile-to-JS languages, architecture patterns, User Interfaces libraries & frameworks (like React), developer tooling and performance optimization.

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