2020 #2 How To Build A Blockchain app with JS

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Get out and get social in 2020 : come out and discuss JS together!
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18.30 - door open
18.45 - talks kick off
20.45 - talks done
21.00 - beer time


BlockChain Smart Contract With Solidity
Yiresse Abia | CrowdeChain

Do you know that Blockchain is the number one “hard skill” for 2020 in a new report compiled by jobs site LinkedIn?
Have you ever heard that internet is broken?
Has somebody around you talked about the internet of value?

"Blockchain" today is the quantum lip technology that can change the way we exchange value.
Its current stage at 2020 is as early as Internet was in 1990

During this time together we are gonna learn basic knowledge behind block-chain and code
our first simple smart-contract in solidity.

- Which is the greatest opportunity behind blockchain.
- Smart-contract, what they are and when to use it
- Solidity our Hello World SmartContract

Ethereum in a browser
Jiří Chadima | Fragaria Ltd.

Have you ever wondered how to interact with Ethereum from your browser? Wonder no more, Jirka Chadima will show you how to call smart contracts directly from your website with web3.js. You will also learn about other tools built on top of that library that will get you started on your first browser-based crypto adventure.

Performance optimizations of dApps
Aleš Roubíček | TopMonks

Performance matters. Even if you work on Blockchain, you can create performant dApps with smooth user experience.
Aleš will show you useful techniques how to find performance bottlenecks and how to deal with them. Those techniques
are relevant not just for dApps, but for every modern front-end.

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