2021 #2 Gaming Development

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Get out and get social in 2020 : come out and discuss JS together!
Get in touch with the organizers with any questions you have. We welcome a diverse range of topics that are related in any way to JavaScript and the community around it.
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Venue schedule:

18.30 - door open
18.45 - talks kick off
20.45 - talks done
21.00 - beer time


Building an online game in 2020
Rudolf Cicko | EmbedIT

Earnings generated by videogames are growing each year. In 2019 more than 150b $ were produced in the Gaming market, accounting for a 20b $ increase this year. Nowadays, it's common to start using a game engine such as Unity3d or Unreal Engine to start building a videogame, but I would like to show you that with just few lines of JS, we can build up amazing online games, similar to those that have generated millions of dollars.

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