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21.00 - beer time


Tree Shaking like a Sasquatch
Stephen Lau | Edument

Tree shaking is one of those things that every good JS and TS developer knows they need. It’s vital to reducing bundle size and thus optimizing the time our users need to wait for our site to be interactive. Likely we don’t really think about how importing (and exporting) from all of the modules we use affects our bottom line, we just grab what we need from npm and get things done! Sadly as good developers life isn’t quite so simple.
Going back in time we will run through a (brief) history of modules: import, export, require, CommonJS, AMD, ES6 modules and more! Getting a better understanding of these can help you and your team write better code both for using and providing modules. Then we’ll fast forward and talk about the state of modules today, and investigate a few examples of how different module types behave when tree shaking. We’ll finish up by drawing some guidelines and talking about what we can do in our projects to make sure we’re maximizing the gains when tree shaking.

As a consultant and teacher, Stephen has spent the last few years working with clients large and small around the world. After starting his career in Canada as a computer engineer doing hardware and firmware design, he’s slowly moved up the stack through firmware, drivers, operating systems, rendering engines, app development, all the way to working with cloud deployed server and client side web development. An avid traveler he’s averaged over 20 countries a year for the last few years. He also thinks writing about himself in the 3rd person feels weird.

David Waller | Edument

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