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Precision Camera & Video is Texas' largest photographic store. We have joined Meetup.com to help promote photography classes in the Austin area. Here, you can post your photos and ask for tips on photography. You will also be able to check out our calendar for upcoming events sponsored by us. Welcome to our group!

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Sony Enrichment Course - Webinar

Online event


Before attending this Meetup, you must first register and purchase the class here: https://www.precision-camera.com/sony-enrichment-course/ We are using a website that requires no software download, full access to class handouts, and the ability to chat and ask questions with your class. More information will be sent upon purchase. The Sony Camera System has become an extremely diverse and popular compact camera and interchangeable lens camera system ranking in the highest of performers in the market today. Are you a Sony owner? Would you like to learn more? This course is designed to target the entire current family of Sony cameras. In your Sony camera, there are many functions and features beyond the automatic shooting modes that you may not be aware of. We'll also go over how the menu is arranged and how to navigate the different options. You made a good investment in purchasing one of these fine cameras so why not learn about all the punch that is packed into your Sony? In this class, we will be focusing on the basic functions as well as all of the fun creative modes, wifi use, shooting techniques, and video features. So come join us. Learn about all the great things your camera has to offer to enrich your photographic experience. Please note, we will not have screenshots from all of these cameras in the class hand out. The hand out is meant to be generic in terms of all the Sony cameras and help you navigate your camera menu. Topics Covered Basic Camera Functions Camera Control and Menu Navigation Auto-Focusing Features and Modes Basic White Balancing Metering Modes and Their Differences Extensive Creative and Artistic Shooting Modes Low Light Shooting Modes Exclusive To Sony Diverse Panoramic Shooting Feature High Dynamic Range (HDR) Shooting Feature Photo Resolution and File Types Video Resolution and File Types Memory Card Types and Qualities Required Equipment Camera Any accessories you would like to go over Memory cards Charged battery Note-taking supplies Instructor: Ron Jewell

Posing & Beyond

Precision Camera & Video


Before attending this Meetup, you must first pay and register here: https://www.precision-camera.com/posing-and-beyond/ Posing and Beyond: Keeping the Client This in-person class requires face masks and social distancing. Many Photographers focus on learning how to TAKE photos, but they freeze up when they have to pose and direct their model/or client during the big photoshoot! Understanding your client's vision, prepping for your shoot properly to ensure smooth delivery of final images and being able to communicate and work with the client, talent or both is often the key to success as a photographer. Join professional photographer and Lumix Global Ambassador Todd White for an in-depth exploration on how to interact, direct and collaborate in your photography to ensure you keep your client. Topics Covered • Understanding the client's vision and setting expectations • Model/Subject Prep - hair, makeup, rest and more • Wardrobe Prep and Selection • Preparing yourself - Shot list, scouting, gear selection, checklists and more • Posing - suggested poses, blocking, inspiration and more Audience This class is suited for photographers of all skill levels wanting to learn more about working with clients and coordinating and preparing for commercial photoshoots. Maximum Enrollment: 15 Minimum Enrollment: 4 Schedule and Format This class takes place in the Precision Camera classroom. This class combines theory and implementation elements for creative shoot concepts. The first section of class is spent in a lecture format covering the basic elements of preparation and considerations for commercial photoshoots. The final section will be hands-on, practical photography exercises. We will discuss verbiage for posing and establish a working language with your photography subjects. There will be an open photography portion to close out the class. About the Instructor Todd White specializes in fashion, portrait and commercial photography/videography. He has photographed with many country artists including Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert and George Strait. A selection of these photos have been published in People and Country Weekly magazines. Other commercial work has been published in Vogue, British Vogue, the Wall Street Journal and Texas Highways. Other commercial clients include Altar'd State, Facebook, Pinterest and Neiman Marcus. Todd has videography and editing experience in fashion and commercial projects. He has shot/edited spots for Austin Area Chevy, The Alamo in San Antonio, City of Georgetown and Rudy's BBQ. He is the Director of Media for Fashion X and Producer and Videographer for the Daytripper TV show on PBS.

Big Bend Photo Classics

Big Bend National Park


Before attending this Meetup, you must first register and pay here: https://www.precision-camera.com/big-bend-signup The Big Bend area of West Texas is known for fascinating geology, diverse biology, and vast open spaces. Rugged peaks, chiseled canyons, unique desert plant life, and the darkest of dark skies make this region a rare gem for photographers of all levels. Combine all of this with the unique culture that results from the area’s proximity to Mexico, and it’s hard not to fall in love! Precision Camera is teaming up with professional landscape photographer Mandy Lea to offer an adventurous workshop capturing the stunning scenery of the Big Bend region of West Texas. Mandy will guide you to beautiful locations throughout Big Bend National Park; including classic views of the Chisos Basin, Santa Elena Canyon and the Rio Grande River. If that’s not enough, you will also get the opportunity to explore other photogenic areas nearby, like the Terlingua Ghost Town and Big Bend Ranch State Park! Mandy utilizes significant time in the field to help you understand the basics of camera settings, composition, and lighting. We will end the workshop with a few hours in the classroom reviewing student’s images and discussing basic editing tips. Mandy Lea Photo is an authorized permittee of the National Park Service. Adventure Days Feel like adding a little more excitement to your trip to Big Bend? Then join our Big Bend Adventure Days Workshop immediately following the Photo Classics in both the Fall and the Spring. During these extra two days, we’ll journey to a few shooting locations that are a little harder to reach. Your effort will be rewarded with amazing views that not all park visitors get to see. We’ll even head south of the border to the small town of Boquillas, Mexico! Workshop Fee The fee includes the workshop only. Transportation, lodging, park entry fees, food, and other miscellaneous expenses are not included. About a month before the workshop, all registrants will receive an email with a rough itinerary and planning details. There will be a $100 fee for any spouse who wishes to join the group at our shooting locations, but does NOT photograph. Of course, our workshops include photography instruction, but they also include our guiding services and sharing our knowledge of the area. Required Equipment • Camera • Lenses • Memory Cards & Readers • Batteries & Chargers • Tripod • Laptop (or note taking supplies) • Sturdy Shoes • Comfortable clothing (hiking boots, layers & rain gear) • Sunblock • Bug spray About the instructor Mandy is an adventurous spirit with an insatiable lust for travel and photography. She enjoys blending the technical aspect of taking a photograph with the experience of creating an image. This is what moves her to create art, and what she hopes to inspire in each person who she has the opportunity to share knowledge with. After 17 years of working in camera stores and freelancing, Mandy took to the road. Supporting herself as a photographer, she now lives on the road out of her teardrop trailer. She shares her photography, passion, and adventure through her workshops and videos.

Meet Your Meter

Precision Camera and Video


Before you can attend this Meetup, you must first pay & register here: https://www.precision-camera.com/meet-your-meter/ Your camera has a built-in light meter that can do a remarkable job. However, in a host of situations, this light meter can be fooled and your images won’t turn out as expected. Working professional photographers often use a handheld “incident” light meter. These handheld light meters are different than the light meter in your camera because they measure the light falling on the subject (incident) instead of the light reaching your camera (reflected). The result is that the handheld light meter allows for more accurate, reliable and repeatable results compared with the camera’s light meter. In this beginner’s class, you’ll learn everything you need to know about using a handheld light meter to make better photos. This class is oriented for beginners. Feel free to bring a handheld light meter if you have one. If not, feel free to listen and learn. Topics Covered • Understand how your camera sees • Understand how your camera can be tricked • Functions and modes of the handheld light meter • Using a handheld light meter for ambient exposure • Using a handheld light meter to improve image contrast • Using a handheld light meter for flash photography • Using a handheld light meter for blended ambient plus flash exposures What to Bring • Camera and lens • Memory Card • Fully-charged battery • Light meter is optional About the Instructor The instructor for this class is Austin photographer Tim Babiak. Tim is a full-time photographer and a long-time instructor at PCU. Tim serves as Chairman of the Austin Professional Photographers Association and is a two-time recipient of the Photographer of the Year award from the Austin Professional Photographers Association. Tim is also a two-time Bronze Medalist in PPA’s International Print Competition.

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