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Digital Divas with Erin Manning

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Digital Divas: How to take your own Headshot

with Erin Manning

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What is a Digital Diva? If you're a woman who loves photography, it's you! Our Digital Diva events are fun events that we put on for women to get together and socialize while learning and practicing photography. This is a great opportunity to get images for yourself, to network with other photographers, and to make friends. Whether you've been before or this is your first event, join us!

What fun do we have planned this time?

Westcott is bringing in Erin Manning! Check out her Studio Lighting Simplified ( event from 1-4pm, and then join an exclusive presentation just for the Divas from 6-9pm.

Need a new picture? A great headshot has become an essential marketing tool whether you’re promoting yourself online for business or personal use. Your image is your personal brand and it should convey your personality, stand out, be memorable, and look like the most recent and best “you” possible. But what if you don’t have the time or budget to work with a professional photographer? Or perhaps you feel insecure in front of the lens? You’re not alone.

Photographer, author, and media personality, Erin Manning, shares her practical ideas, and personal secrets for taking your own amazing-looking headshot without a lot of trouble or expense.

You’ll learn about:

• Choosing the right clothing.

• Looking natural on-camera.

• Finding and creating flattering light, indoors or outdoors.

• Easy-to-use cameras and tools.

• Using the “secret sauce” applications for editing and enhancing your final images.

It’s time to uncover your hidden “Selfie” powers and create a portrait that you’re proud to post online. After this course you’ll walk away with creative ideas, practical techniques, and new confidence for immediately creating your own professional-looking headshot.

Date: Sat, April 18th

Time: 6pm-9pm


Location: Precision Camera & Video

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2438 West Anderson Lane · Austin, TX