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What we’re about

For drone & FPV flyers looking to connect with others with similar interests.

I’m Mike. I have been flying photo and FPV drones since 2020. I’m FAA part 107 certified & was formerly a fixed wing pilot, helicopter pilot & flight instructor. Feel free to ask me any questions.

We have over a dozen members currently. Most of us are fixed wing or helicopter pilots with a number of us also being part 107 certified.

We meet for breakfast weekly on Wednesday and fly typically at Watson Lake park, weather permitting.

The club members are currently flying these drones:

BetaFPV Pavo20 / DJI03 / ELRS 2.4
DJI Air 2S
DJI Air 3
DJI Avata
DJI Avata 2 
DJI Mavic 3 Cine
DJI Mini 2
DJI Mini 3 Pro
DJI Mini 4 Pro
GEPRC Cinelog 35 V2 / DJI03 / ELRS 2.4
GEPRC Domain 3.6 / DJI03 / ELRS 2.4
GEPRC MOZ7 / DJI03 / ELRS 2.4 Gemini
Rotor Riot Skyliner MK3 / DJI03 / ELRS 2.4