What we're about

## What we're about

Presto ( https://prestodb.io ) is a distributed SQL engine for processing very large data sets stored across potentially different storage systems. Our goal is to come together as a community to connect with each other, share experiences and learnings, and discuss the various challenges we have to address our different use cases.
The Presto project is governed by the Presto Foundation ( https://prestodb.io/join.html ), under the Linux Foundation.
Slack: https://slack.prestodb.io/
Youtube: http://youtube.prestodb.io/
Github: https://github.com/prestodb/presto
To have a productive, safe, and fun time in our events, here's ( https://code.fb.com/codeofconduct/ ) our open source code of conduct.

Presto ( https://prestodb.io ) 是一个分布式 SQL 引擎,用于处理存储在可能不同的存储系统中的非常大的数据集。 我们这个meetup的目标是作为一个社区聚集在一起,分享经验和相互学习,并讨论在解决不同案例时所面临的各种挑战。 Presto 项目由 Linux 基金会下的 Presto 基金会 (https://prestodb.io/join.html) 管理。


为了在我们的活动中享受高效、安全和有趣的时光,请访问 (https://code.fb.com/codeofconduct/) 来了解我们的开源行为准则。

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