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If you’re looking for a cool group that lets you talk about the ups and downs of filmmaking and master new skills, we welcome you:

- Share ideas and network with writers, actors and other filmmakers

- Talk about your upcoming projects – elicit feedback

- Get social, meet new people and have fun

- Learn new skills from skilled professionals

- Get resources that make funding, producing, and distribution your film easier.

For questions about this group, reach out to the group organizer Nancy Fulton at nancy.fulton@yahoo.com.

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Critical 2020 Tax Law Fundamentals for Producers featuring Danny Sioni

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To attend this live online workshop sign up at https://gumroad.com/l/jBwcW/hk8mf8v In this live online workshop, Danny Sioni, manager of CPS Tax Pros (https://www.cpstaxpros.com/) which supports many entertainment industry professionals, will address State and Federal tax laws that Film Producers, Actors, and other Creative Pros need to know in order to minimize their tax liabilities in 2020. Major changes to tax laws in 2018 and 2019 have had a significant impact on when producers can deduct the costs of a producton from their taxes, when investors can deduct losses, and how actors must be compensated. Specifically, many actors currently using loan out companies to avoid paying payroll taxes will find that’s no longer an option unless they take some important steps before the end of the year. Topics addressed in this workshop include: Corporation, S-Corp, LLC, or Sole Proprietor: Understanding the Tax Implications of the Companies You Create The Extinct Section 181 Tax Deduction & What Replaced it in 2018: Critical Issues for Producers Currently Working to Produce Films Development Companies vs. Production Companies: The Difference & Why It Matters Loan Out Companies: Why Actors Use Them and What Major Changes Hit Them This Year Writers & Screenwriters: Changes to What they Can Deduct What Entertainment Industry Employees Need to Know About Changes to What Training & Equipment is Deductible What Structure Works Best for Producers, Actors, and Other Creatives Crowdfunding TAX Problems You Need to Know About CPS provides a wide range of tax services to entertainment industry pros. They work with filmmakers, actors, writers, and crew to set up the right structures to minimize tax liabilities and manage deductions. They help pros share profits with investors, carry forward losses when a production goes south, and ensure their customers take deduction they are entitled to year after year. They take a pre-emptive approach to solving tax problems and are already meeting with their clients to discuss how to minimize 2020 taxes by making the right decisions before December 31, 2019. CPS also works with their clients to resolve existing tax problems. Entertainment Industry Pros have some of the most complex tax situations in the nation, because most people who work in the industry don’t have 9-5 jobs. They frequently work as contractors, part time employees, weekly employees, or are entrepreneurs in their own right. Many own and operate multiple businesses while simultaeously working as employees and contractors for others. People working in the entertainment industry also have royalty payments, rental payments, union dues, clothing expenses, and equipment expenses. All this means that it’s easy not to file the right forms, or pay the all the taxes owed at the right time. CPS specializes in supporting entertainment industry pros so they are in a good position to help people fix tax problems that have stacked up over time. They can help release levies, reduce penalties, stop garnishments, and close old companies so they stop racking up new tax bills. They handle bookkeeping, accounting, and payroll services quickly and cost effectively as well. If you have questions on his workshop, please email [masked].

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4 Strategies for Funding Media Projects Large or Small (Face-to-Face in West LA)

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